If there’s one lesson to be learned from celeb break-ups it’s this: never get a tattoo of your significant other’s name. Unless you’ve been married for a good five years. Premier Laser Clinic has confirmed what we always suspected to be true – that very, very few people are glad they got a tattoo of a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name – by releasing a list of their top 10 most requested tattoo removals.

Premier Laser Clinic has been included in the G Directory in Glamour magazine which is seen as a beauty bible for Glamour’s readers. The feature mentions the website and the phone number for Premier Laser. The theme was smooth-skin saviours – ‘Once the laser has blasted every single hair, a cooling gel will soothe skin and within weeks you’ll see a serious reduction in hair’.

Premier Laser & Skin’s Aesthetic Nurse Injector Sarah Sheedy has been featured in The Sun today giving her expert opinion on celebrity injectable treatments!