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Author: Premier Laser

Tips to minimise Maskne

What is maskne? Mask + Acne = Maskne. Maskne occurs whens acne breaks outs result of wearing a mask. Maskne can develop in as quickly as one day of wearing a mask, or after several weeks of mask wearing. Due to COVID-19 it has become an everyday lifestyle to wear a mask to protect ourselves … Continue reading “Tips to minimise Maskne”

Best winter skin treatments

Sunshine leaves us earlier… Roads get frosty early in the morning… And now you can see your breath outside…. Say hello to winter. During the colder months, our bodies go through many changes to adapt to the weather and to help us survive this season easier. Our metabolism works faster to keep us warm. Less … Continue reading “Best winter skin treatments”

10 Benefits Of Hydrafacial

Hydrafacial, also known as the Hollywood facial, has been one of the biggest skincare revolutions in the beauty industry. You’ve probably seen a famous model or a singer talking about Hydrafacial. Or realised a sudden glow on your friends face after she tried it. Over 2 million treatment performed over the world, hydrafacial is getting more … Continue reading “10 Benefits Of Hydrafacial”

Our Bromley Clinic Is Open

When it comes to beauty the most important things are expertise and technology. The right expert will always help you find the most suitable treatment for your unique skin and skin condition. And the right technology will deliver the best results in the shortest time.  At Premier Laser & Skin we take great pride in … Continue reading “Our Bromley Clinic Is Open”

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