Are YOU Making Your Skin Oily?

oily skin


It is universally agreed that there is 3 types of skin – oily, dry and combination. It is important for you to know which of the three types of skin you have in order to provide the best skin care.

Oily skin is prone to attract more dirt which has the negative effect of leading to blocked pours and therefore acne. Having oily skin is genetic, however some of your lifestyle choices and routines may be making your skin more oily.

Not Washing Often Enough

If you are prone to oily skin then washing your face on a regular basis is advised. Only washing once or twice a day may not be enough to keep your skin from becoming excessively oily.

Using Too Much Cream

Moisturisering is important, but for people with oily skin choosing the wrong type of moisturisering cream can make things worse.

Eating Oily Foods

This one is quite obvious but eating oily foods will reflect on the skin. Try to limit the amount of these foods that you consume to keep your oily skin maintainable.

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