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Our Bromley Clinic Is Open

Our Bromley Clinic Is Open

We are excited to announce that Our Bromley Clinic Is Open!

When it comes to beauty the most important things are expertise and technology.

The right expert will always help you find the most suitable treatment for your unique skin and skin condition. And the right technology will deliver the best results in the shortest time. 

At Premier Laser & Skin we take great pride in our 12 years experience in the beauty industry and we always provide the latest technology for our clients.

With high customer satisfaction and superior results, we are expanding our clinics!

Our latest clinic, our sister company, House of Aesthetics is now open in Bromley. 

Our Bromley Clinic Is Open

Laser hair removal in Bromley

Using the latest medical degree lasers, our clinic offers superior results in laser hair removal. 

We say safety first and invite you a free consultation and patch test where our clinicians explain you the process, procedure, treatment and before and aftercare. 

We only work with the experts in their fields. All our clinicians have 3+ years of experience in their field and go through regular trainings. 

Our Bromley Clinic Is Open

Injectables in Bromley

Either you are looking for a subtle change on your appearance or for a bigger chance, our team of experts are here for you!

Contour your face, plump up your lips, or boost your skin quality and firmness. We have a range of injectable treatments. 

You are in the safest hands with our highly trained injectable doctors.

Our Bromley Clinic Is Open

Skin treatments in Bromley

We all want to have perfect skin. With our latest technology treatments, get ready to achieve your best appearance. 

Our skin experts will examine your skin thoroughly and advice you the most suitable skin treatments for your skin type and condition. 

For the best results on any skin treatment, expertise is crucial. With over 500 000 skin treatments completed, we can guarantee you the best results. 


Hydrafacial in Bromley

Are you looking for skin rejuvenation with a deep cleanse and a youthful look? Hdyrafaical is the treatment for you. 

With special 6 steps treatment, you will achieve the glowing, refined and radiant skin after just 1 session.

house of aesthetics clinic

Dermapen in Bromley

Most of suffer from some skin imperfections. Acne scars, wrinkles and uneven skin. 

Dermapen microneedling will help you achieve the perfect skin texture you have been always dreaming of. 

Our Bromley Clinic Is Open

Lashes in Bromley

You can have natural looking lash extensions for more defined and enhanced lashes. With individually applied lashes they will look more natural and last longer. Our experts will make sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment and deliver the best results. 

Laser Tattoo Removal in Bromley

At our clinic, we are using the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology which can treat all skin colours including Caucasian, Asian, Oriental, black Caribbean, Mediterranean and African skin tones.

Doesn’t matter which colour ink, we can help you with long term laser tattoo removal. 

opening hours

Convenient opening times

Our House of Aesthetics clinic is open 7 days a week from 10 am until late. We are keeping our opening hours long to match with your lifestyle. 

Are you looking for a lunchtime facial? Or a laser hair removal session after work? Or getting ready for your Saturday evening with your perfect lashes. We can accommodate you on our convenient opening hours. 

house of aesthetics

How to find us?

Our centre of excellence is at the heart of Bromley. We are located at 14 Market Square, BR1 1NA, near the entrance of The Glades shopping centre.

If you are in the surrounding areas of Chislehurst, Beckenham, West Wickham, Orpington, Petts Wood and Chelsfield or further afield in Croydon, Dulwich or in Kent; you are in the best transport links to our new clinic. 

Bromley is also it is only 16 mins by train from Victoria. 

Bromley is on convenient transport links for your convenience. For more information and to contact us click here

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