The darker tones of pigmentation often left behind by acne is just as upsetting to sufferers as the actual acne is; this is an unhappy fact for many people who suffer from regular breakouts of acne and also for those people whose acne has faded away only to leave behind red, brown or purplish discolouration […]Continue reading

So you know you’ve got more than just a breakout…it’s too regular, too constant to be called “the odd spot” and it’s affecting your life with it’s presence. The question is, before treatment can begin…what type of acne is it?

For many years researchers and skin specialists believed that there was no connection between diet and skin health. Acne was caused by hormones or by poor cleanliness and a whole host of other outside elements. However, in recent years more and more evidence is coming to light regarding diet and skin health. A recent study […]Continue reading

Are You Spending Money On Expensive High Street Acne Products? Acne is the scourge of many people’s lives and as they try many treatments in an attempt to cure themselves, sufferers find that they are often out of pocket as well as disappointed. Acne can hit at any time in your life…it’s not just a teenage issue […]Continue reading