##CATEGORY-BANNER## Start Yoga Today There as been a big hype over yoga in recent years and it appears rightly so. You could be forgiven into thinking that yoga is easy, I mean after all it is for girls right? Wrong! Yoga although it looks very delicate and controlled is actually demanding but the health gains reaped from […]Continue reading

A creased and wrinkly looking neck is the bane of many people’s lives but in particular, women’s lives. Women’s skin is more prone to wrinkles and lines and the skin around your neck is the thinnest on your body. Despite this, it’s also one of the most neglected areas of the body and many people […]Continue reading

In today’s society youth is prized…it’s everywhere! Television presenters are youthful in appearance if not teenagers, pop stars, actors and even business people appear as youthful as possible and it follows that ordinary people will want to emulate this. And why not? Youth is synonymous with health and vitality…nobody wants to appear elderly! A huge […]Continue reading