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Category: Laser Pigmentation Removal

The Ultimate Guide To Pigmentation, Its Causes & Treatments

Thank you for visiting our ultimate guide to pigmentation. We hope after you have finished reading it you will be better prepared to tackle your pigmentation. (8 min read) This guide covers the following areas: What is pigmentation? What causes skin pigmentation? Pigmentation and hyperpigmentation Common pigmentation issues Vitiligo Albinism Melasma Sun damage sun spots…

7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How many of the following are you guilty of? Read through our blog to see how many of the 7 apply to you and find out what your score is. Give yourself a point for everyone you do and be honest!. Pick or touch your skin Picking and touching your skin increases the risk of…

Hyperpigmentation vs. Melasma – What’s the Difference?

You notice them every time you look in the mirror – they’re dark spots that just never seem to go away. A quick online search to learn more about what they are is likely to reveal two terms with which you may not be familiar – hyperpigmentation and melasma. What are these conditions, and which…

Why Do I Have Dark Spots?

Dark spots on the skin can be a significant source of concern.  Are they signs of skin damage? Or is it simply more the appearance of them that you aren’t so keen on. Let’s answer your questions and fill you in on how you can treat them. Hyperpigmentation Melasma and age (or liver) spots are…

The 101 on Birthmarks

If you’re struggling to find common ground with someone, thinking there is just nothing similar about you, well… chances are you both have birthmarks! Over 80 percent of babies are born with them, and sometimes, they don’t fade as you (and your skin) grow. So what are these little marks? And if they cause you…

Freckles vs. Pigmentation

If you’ve been watching the runways and magazines covers recently you will have seen models with freckles and other pigmentation conditions. Fashion houses have finally embraced more diverse models recently which is refreshing and reflective of who their customers are. We’re seeing faces in a gorgeous spectrum of colours, and we’re also seeing more “non-traditional”…

What are Freckles – And What Are Your Options If You Want to Treat Them?

Freckles are a common skin concern, some love their freckles, where as others may wish they weren’t so visible. In this blog we will uncover what freckles are – and how you can treat them effectively? First, know that freckles are not themselves harmful, nor do they indicate a health problem. They are simply small,…

Creating Your Summer Body In Winter

The long winter months… a perfect time to bundle up under thick sweaters and snuggle on the couch. Or a perfect time to start working on your summer body! Read on to find out our most popular treatments to start now to look your best this summer. Laser Hair Removal Waxing is painful, and do…

How Your Ethnicity Affects Your Skin

The magic of a diverse world is that there is a full spectrum of skin tones and types. “Beautiful” skin isn’t any one particular colour or shade; it is healthy and vibrant. Ethnicity plays a part not only in the tone of your skin, but in how it responds to physiological and environmental factors. Let’s…

How to Care for Your Skin in the Winter

There’s plenty to love about winter: the crisp weather, the gorgeous snow-covered trees, the cosy days under a blanket with a hot mug of cocoa. But the long cold months also wreak havoc on the skin. Winter temperature and winds strip away moisture and can leave skin chapped, irritated, tight and itchy. How can you…

Take a Look At Our Aldgate Clinic’s Pigmentation Treatments

At Premier Laser & Skin, we want you to look your best every day, which is why our clinics offer a variety of different procedures to help make that happen. We wanted to spotlight one common concern that we have many treatments available for at our Aldgate location – pigmentation. Fighting Pigmentation Issues Did you…

Treating hyperpigmentation in dark skin

Hyperpigmentation problems can pose a particular problem for darker skin types. It’s an issue affecting a huge number of people and one we have written about on the blog before. To help you understand the type of treatment or products that are likely to be right for darker skin, today’s post will outline the intricacies…


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