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Fruit of the Month – Pineapple.


The Pineapple

Found by Christopher Columbus on Guadeloupe Island in 1493, this wonderful fruit has come a long way from the unknown fruit which only produces one pineapple a year from each plant. Now being native to Paraguay, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Philippines and Brazil, they are available to purchase anywhere and at almost every supermarket. Sweet and slightly tart, they have become extremely popular for mixing with savoury ingredients to make dishes with a tropical twist whether that’s a Caribbean curry or a Hawaiian Pizza. Here are some great reasons why you should try eating more pineapple.

Interesting Pineapple Health Facts

  1. Pineapple contains Bromelain which is an enzyme which is packed full of vitamin C which helps your immune system fight off illnesses.
  2. They can help people with arthritis, being a good food to eat that reduces inflammatory, stopping the pain surrounding the area that is suffering.
  3. They have a great course of Manganese which is an essential mineral which promotes energy and will keep your bones strong and healthy.
  4. They boost metabolism and keep your nails and hair healthy.
  5. Pineapples are free of fat and make a good alternative to unhealthy snacks. Mix with some Greek yoghurt for a quick bite instead of reaching for the crisps.

Will be able to keep your skin and body refreshed by containing antioxidants which will keep you feeling healthy.

Have an amazing source of Vitamin A which helps maintain good eyesight and will protect you from damaging pollution in the environment such as free radicals and stopping these will slow down your skin ageing.

So remember: when berries aren’t common to buy in the winter, you can always still purchase Pineapple. Eat them and you can defend your body inside and out!

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