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Is Your Mobile Phone Causing Your Acne?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For many people, their mobile phone is the first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing at night, they may not realise though that their phone might be a huge part of their lives but it’s also a potentially skin damaging hazard.

If you talk on your phone for more than a few minutes a day then think about what you’re doing. You’re pressing a warm, bacteria laden object against the same spot on your face over and over again.

This is a recipe for disaster if you have acne prone skin. You might have heard about the importance of changing your pillowslip regularly because of germs which hang about on there…well your phone is no different.

A recent experiment found traces of faecal strep present on one mobile phone and because we’re constantly touching our phones with unwashed hands, it’s hardly surprising…and do you really want that pressed up against your skin? Nope…us neither!

Pores become blocked easily and if you want to avoid the effects of a mucky mobile phone on your face you must consider making a few changes to your mobile routine!

1) Use A Headset

They don’t take much getting used to and once you make that change you will find them much more comfortable.

2) Wash Your Phone:

A microfiber cloth is the recommended tool for cleaning most phones but if yours is very dirty, use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton bud.

3) Wash Your Hands:

Yep…sounds simple but it’s vital if you want your phone germ-free!

4) Wash Your Face:

Keep your face free from harmful, pimple-causing bacteria by keeping it clean.

Helping your skin to stay clean is a big part of avoiding acne breakouts; care for your phone and ensure good hygiene is practiced on a daily basis and your skin should thank you for it!


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