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Rihanna Swims With Sharks & Confesses To Suffering From This Skin Condition


What Would Rihanna’s Perfect Day Involve?

The multi-award winning actress Rihanna who is best known for her number no.1 hits including SOS, Rude Boy, Love The Way You Lie and Stay has recently confessed to suffering from a skin condition that effects up to 80% of women.

Whilst talking to Harper Bazaar the famous pop singer answered some questions relating to her new fashion shoot which in true Rihanna style had her swimming with sharks. Yes sharks!

However towards the end of the interview Rihanna was asked the question:

“What is a perfect day for you?”

to which she replied,

“The day I wake up without cellulite? Now That would be the perfect day. 

If like Rihanna you suffer from cellulite and would like to have smooth legs, AWT could help. To learn more please click here 


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