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The HydraFacial on social media


The HydraFacial at Premier Laser & Skin is causing a big fuss on social media at the moment!

We love watching online Hydrafacial reviews and videos on our treatments and amazing Hydrafacial before and afters.

It was fantastic to see amazing health and beauty blogger Danny Defreitas review his HydraFacial, plus the lovely Jagoda of @lifeofablueberry shared her experience to her followers on Instagram and Youtube!

Danny Defreitas shared this fantastic movie montage of his treatment at our Aldgate clinic. He talks about how adding the Hydrafacial to his skincare routine has benefited his skin.

Guys love a good facial too!.

“It’s such a good facial. So hydrating. I loved it!” – Danny on his HydraFacial treatment

Over at our Kingston branch, beauty and lifestyle blogger Life of a Blueberry also enjoyed a replenishing HydraFacial, sharing on her hugely popular YouTube channel:

“It sucks out all the dirt, oil, blackheads & whiteheads out while leaving the skin very hydrated & exfoliated.” Life of a Blueberry on her HydraFacial

Interested in the facial that nourishes, replenishes and completely rehydrates your skin?

Check out more info here or contact us for a free consultation!

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