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Blood Test Results in 24 Hours

Full Blood Count Test London

Our full blood count test in London & Surrey checks biomarkers to get an overview of your health. 9 clinics, a specialist team & fast results.


What Does Our Full Blood Count Test Include?

Regular blood tests are crucial to maintaining good health. By checking for markers of the main components of blood – white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets – we can detect imbalances that may lead to serious health issues. From there, you can receive the right treatment or preventative care needed to maintain your well-being.

Why Is This Test Important?

Whether you have health concerns or are having it as part of your routine check, it is important to be able to effectively monitor or diagnose conditions.

Clients often have a full blood count test done when they’re experiencing different symptoms, where high or low availability of the cells can be the cause. This includes:

  • Consistent fatigue
  • Changes in temperature
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle weakness
  • Changes in appetite
  • Headaches
  • Palpitations

By checking your blood count, it can lead to a diagnosis of anaemia, autoimmune diseases and/or infection among others. If you are experiencing these symptoms, however, and the results are in a normal range, you will know to book follow-up monitoring.

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How The Test Works

Book Your Full Blood Count In London & Surrey

Know your full blood count with our dedicated testing service. Our medical specialists ensure a seamless process in the clinic to put you at ease and take you through the process. Our accessible 9 clinics across London & Surrey give you a choice of convenient locations. Use our online form to book your appointment or call us on 02038718218.


We recommend that you come to the blood test well-hydrated. You do not need to fast for this test but any special instructions will be communicated before your appointment.

During The Test

It is a relatively quick and painless experience with minimal risk involved. This is an in-person test. You will get to ask any questions to the specialist administering the test and will get an understanding of the follow-up process.

Using Your Results

When you receive your results, you can use these to get additional care or a treatment plan if required. You can take this to your regular GP or a Doctor of your choice.

Full Blood Count Test FAQs

How Much Does A Full Blood Count Test Cost?

Our full blood count test costs £70 per test.

What Are The Blood Cells Responsible For?

Knowing the function of different blood cells can help determine how they affect our bodies. These include:

White blood cells: these are responsible and contribute to your immune system. Your indicators of these cells are typically higher when fighting infection, as your body produces more during illness.

Red blood cells: these are responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the remainder of the body and removing carbon dioxide.

Platelets: these are responsible for stopping bleeding. They form together in the event of a damaged blood vessel to stop this.

What Can The Results Determine?

Below is what the high or low markers can determine. It is important to discuss your results with a doctor or medical professional, as not all abnormal results will indicate a long-term health problem. Often further testing over a period of time is necessary to get an official diagnosis.

Low White Blood Cells: can determine autoimmune disorders.

High White Blood Cells: can indicate infection or inflammation in the body.

Low Red Blood Cells: this can indicate anaemia.

High Red Blood Cells: could determine problems with the heart or certain cancers.

High/ Low platelets: this can indicate health issues or disease in general. Further tests will be needed to rule out which ones.

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