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Harmony XL Pro Laser Treatments

Our state of the art Harmony XL Pro machine is designed to utilise advanced technology to target unwanted signs of ageing.

BenefitsWhat Skin Areas and Conditions Can be Treated?Types of Harmony Laser Treatments

Why Harmony XL Pro Laser?

Harmony XL Pro Laser treatments have gained significant popularity in recent years, primarily due to their ease of application and minimal treatment downtime. This method stands out in the realm of skin treatments for its versatility and gentle approach, making it suitable for all skin types. Unlike more abrasive techniques, Harmony XL Pro ensures that your skin is treated with care and precision.

Innovative Technology for Comprehensive Skin Care

At the heart of Harmony XL Pro’s effectiveness is its innovative technology, which utilises thermal energy to penetrate the skin deeply. This process effectively vaporises damaged skin cells, paving the way for skin renewal or creating the ideal environment for new cell production. It’s not just about treating the surface; Harmony XL Pro goes deeper to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. This includes boosting collagen production and encouraging cell regeneration, ultimately leading to a rejuvenated skin appearance.

The Harmony XL Pro Advantage

What sets Harmony XL Pro apart is its comprehensive approach to skin care. Offering over 65 different treatments, it has received acclaim from top doctors and aestheticians worldwide. Its versatility is unmatched, combining light, lasers, and a variety of other technologies. This multifaceted approach allows it to effectively address a wide range of skin concerns. From wrinkles and fine lines to more complex issues like acne vulgaris, vascular lesions, pigmentation, psoriasis, and even hyperhidrosis, Harmony XL Pro covers an extensive spectrum of skin conditions.

Three Primary Functions for Targeted Treatment

Harmony XL Pro is designed with three primary functions, each targeting specific concerns on your face and body. These functions are backed by FDA-approved technologies, a testament to their safety and effectiveness. This range of technologies originates from Alma, a global leader in aesthetic technology, particularly in the field of lasers. This ensures that each treatment is not only effective but also adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality.

A Holistic Approach to Skin Health

The Harmony XL Pro isn’t just about treating existing conditions; it’s about promoting overall skin health. By stimulating natural processes like collagen production and cell regeneration, it helps maintain the skin’s vitality and youthfulness. This holistic approach ensures that the benefits of the treatment are not just immediate but also long-lasting, giving you a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

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Benefits of Harmony XL Treatment

  • Minimal recovery time
  • Treat a variety of skin conditions 
  • Replenish and rejuvenate the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Advanced Technology 
  • Non-Abrasive Procedure

The effective laser acne treatment results in smoother, fresher-looking skin, whilst reducing the signs of acne scarring and redness. Acne often occurs during adolescence during times of hormonal change and can cause long-lasting damage to the skin.

Our Harmony XL Pro ClearSkin procedure creates pulses of light that help to break down the existing scar tissue and stimulates the growth of new, healthy tissue. The laser acne scar removal procedure can treat acne scars across both the face and body and works on any skin type.

What Skin Areas and Conditions Can be Treated?

Are you looking to target unwanted signs of ageing? Our Harmony treatments are suitable for both face and body applications. 

The most popular treatments we administer are our Harmony facial treatments to rejuvenate and replenish the skin. The treatment is safe and comfortable as the laser works below the surface of the skin, where it boosts collagen for a natural anti-ageing result.

Our state-of-the-art Harmony XL Pro machine is designed to utilise the advanced technology to target these conditions, including:

Our advanced laser is also effective on delicate skin e.g. neck and décolletage.

Harmony treatment is especially effective for:

  • Skin that has been overexposed to the sun, e.g. décolletage
  • Patients that have lost weight, leaving exaggerated loose skin
  • Patients seeing the signs of ageing

Types of Treatments

ClearLift Treatment 

One of the Harmony XL Pro’s most popular settings, ClearLift is a rejuvenating treatment that combines the use of high intensity fractional lasers along with simultaneous contact cooling and vacuum technology. This fast treatment uses a non-ablative laser, so there is minimal discomfort and is suitable for all skin types as there is no tissue damage nor downtime, resulting in glowing, radiant skin with each session taking as little as 30 minutes. ClearLift helps with under eye bags, live acne, also body pigmentation to help reduce pigmentation on the underarms, bikini, elbows and any other hyperpigmentation caused on the body.

The ClearLift laser works best on the soft, crepey areas of the skin such as the neck, eyes and décolleté, using the fractional light to not damage these sensitive areas. Most people require an average of 4-6 treatments.

iPixel Treatment 

One of our patient’ favourite settings from the Harmony XL Pro platform is iPixel, which is an ablative erbium laser. iPixel works by evaporating the skin’s surface to trigger tissue repair and stimulate collagen production, so it is ideal for handling texture and addressing ageing concerns. It can also treat stretch marks, scarring and an effective skin resurfacing treatment. 

Patients who are looking into Fraxel treatments or have experienced Fraxel in the past love Pixel due to the results, which are similar but far less aggressive on the skin. The treatment requires a small amount of downtime depending on the intensity level and results in a complexion that appears smoother, plumper and far more youthful in just a few days.

ClearSkin Treatment

The hallmark of healthy skin is often a clear, glowing complexion. For those who reside in a city or suffer from recurring blemishes, maintaining clear skin can be problematic.

Created to address acne and subsequent scarring, ClearSkin is Harmony XL Pro’s setting that uses a cooled Er:Glass laser with vacuum treatment to address all forms of Acne Vulgaris (including blackheads, whiteheads, papules, bustles and nodules).

The non-ablative laser uses heat below the skin’s surface to induce injury. The lower layers of the dermis are flooded with the body’s natural healing response, enabling it to handle infections, any build-up of toxins and scarring with immediate effect. Helps rejuvenate and boost collagen in the skin for a quick pick-me-up without any downtime.

ClearSkin combines this non-ablative laser with vacuum technology that reaches deep within the pores to remove any congestion. A perfect two-tiered treatment, ClearSkin will leave the skin calm, cooled and almost crystal clear clarity. The clinic recommends three treatments over three months to ensure your new complexion is maintained.

ClearVein Treatment 

Our ClearVein treatment is effective at reducing the appearance of visible spider or varicose veins. Over time, these blood vessels can become weakened and cause prominent visibility on the skin. 

Our technology uses short bursts of light to increase the temperature in the targeted area. The laser treatment is reliable, needs minimal downtime and provides long-lasting results. 

Harmony IPL Treatment 

IPL or Intense Pulse Light Therapy is the perfect skin rejuvenation solution. Harmony XL Pro is a leading manufacturer and treatment solution used throughout our clinics, carefully selected due to its effectiveness. 

IPL treatment uses high-intensity light to treat a range of skin conditions, by targeting the lower levels of the skin. The advanced technology can filter the light, so it covers specific skin areas to make the treatment more effective. IPL has minimal downtime and aftercare, meaning you can have the treatment without the need for a lengthy recovery! 

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What is ablative vs non-ablative? 

You often hear treatments or experts discuss Ablative or Non-Ablative Lasers and this is the process in which the laser is directed. Ablative Laser is surface-based, so the laser only works on the epidermis, or top layer of the skin. 

Non-Ablative laser is a lot more powerful and potent and instead works beneath the surface, targeting its technology at the dermis to address skin concerns. At Premier Laser & Skin Clinic, we offer both types of lasers that address various skin conditions with one innovative machine.

Who is suitable for the Harmony procedure? 

Harmony Laser Treatment is generally suitable for all skin types. We have 4 options depending on the results you desire. Our in-depth, free consultation will look at your medical background, and treatment required and offer advice on suitability for you. 

Is there any aftercare required? 

Our Harmony treatments generally require minimal downtime, meaning there isn’t a lengthy recovery process afterward. You will generally be able to get back to your daily routine almost immediately, however we will provide a list of recommendations to avoid during the aftercare process. 

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