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Scar Revision London

Scar revision is designed to improve the appearance of scars and improve your self-confidence. We have various types of scar revision treatments that can help treat scars caused by keloid, injury, acne, burns, and surgery. Book a consultation today.

Benefits Of Scar RevisionTreatment ProcessScar Revision FAQs

How much does Scar Revision treatment cost?

Scar Revision treatment starts from £500 depending on the scale and area of the body. The best way to obtain a comprehensive quote and guidance on how successful the treatment may be is to book a free consultation with a member of our team.

Please note consultation fee with the Doctor is £100 (redeemable against treatment)

How Does Scar Removal Work?

Scar revision aims to improve the appearance of scars. The goal of scar revision is to reduce the size, height, and redness and make it less noticeable. Our award-winning ENT, Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Deniz Kanliada will discuss the options with you and will find the most suitable option for you.

Scar Revision Techniques

Surgical Excision

During this procedure, the old scar is surgically excised, and the skin edges are carefully sutured together to create a new scar that is less noticeable. This technique is especially beneficial for long or wide scars, as it allows for the precise removal of the scar tissue and ensures a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Laser Resurfacing for Scarring

Laser resurfacing involves using a laser to remove the top layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers. Laser resurfacing is best suited for certain types of scars, such as acne or superficial scars.


Injections such as steroids or dermal fillers can be used to improve the appearance of scars. A number of injections will be injected into the scar to help reduce swelling and flatten the scar.

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Benefits of Scar Revision

Scar revision offers several potential benefits for individuals with scars. Here are some of the benefits of getting scar revision:

Improved Appearance

Scar revision aims to reduce the size, thickness, and colouration of scars, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and making it less noticeable.

Increased Self-Confidence

Scars can be a source of self-consciousness and affect an individual’s self-esteem. By improving the appearance of the scar, scar revision can help boost self-confidence and allow individuals to feel more comfortable in their skin.

Enhanced Comfort

Large or prominent scars can sometimes cause physical discomfort, such as itching, tenderness, or tightness. Scar revision procedures, such as surgical excision, laser resurfacing or steroid injections, can help alleviate these symptoms, improving comfort and reducing irritation.

Customised Treatment Plan

Scar management is personalised to suit the specific requirements of each person. The approach to treatment is tailored by considering factors such as the type and location of the scar, as well as the individual’s desired outcomes. This ensures that the most suitable technique is employed to achieve the best possible results, whether the scar is old or new.

Who Is Suitable for Scar Revision?

Scar revision is suitable for individuals who:

  • Are in good health condition
  • Want to reduce the appearance of a scar
  • Don’t smoke

The Scar Revision Treatment Process

Step 1. Consultation

Before undertaking any scar revision, we always invite you to an initial consultation.Please note consultation fee with the Doctor is £100 (redeemable against treatment)

The purpose of the consultation is to ask you a few questions about your health and lifestyle and an examination of the scar(s) so that we can ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. A thorough consultation is performed for all our clients, including a history of previous treatments, current medication and allergies.

Step 2. Treatment Process

Dr Deniz Kanliada will carefully evaluate various aspects of the scar, including its size, shape, depth, location, and quality of the underlying tissue. Additionally, they will consider your skin type and the specific type of scar, such as hypertrophic, atrophic, or keloid scars.

This comprehensive assessment allows our doctor to determine the most suitable approach for scar revision, ensuring optimal outcomes tailored to your needs.

Step 3. Scar Revision Aftercare

The aftercare will vary depending on which treatment you received. Our doctor will provide instructions on how to look after the treated area to ensure you get the best possible result.


About Our Doctor

Dr Deniz Kanliada is an award-winning ENT & Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. He has 14 years of experience in the aesthetics and plastic surgery field and has operated more than 2000 surgeries in Istanbul, UK and Cyprus.

You may have seen Dr Deniz Kanliada being featured in the press and TV, such as Channel 4 and Channel 5. He is also known as the ‘nose king’ and has won the Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon of the Year 2019 Highly Commended Surgeon Award Winner (Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards).

Book Your Free Scar Revision Consultation Today

At London Premier Laser, we have highly experienced doctors with extensive experience delivering minor surgery treatments, laser hair removal and skin treatments.

Book your consultation today with us at our Canon Street clinic, and we will be able to see if you are suitable for scar revision treatment. If you have any questions, please call us at 0203 5145 648 or contact us here, and a staff member will contact you!

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Scar Revision Frequently Asked Questions

Can Scar Revision Completely Remove Scars?

Scar revision can provide several advantages, including enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the scar, restoring functionality to an area that it may have limited, and alleviating any itching associated with the scar. However, it is crucial to remember that completely removing scars is impossible.

Can Multiple Scars Be Treated On At Once?

Yes, more than one scar can be treated at once; however, this will depend on the nature of the scar. You will discuss this with our doctor during your consultation.

Is Scar Revision Painful?

Before the scar is treated, you will be given a local anaesthetic. This will numb the area, causing you to feel little to no discomfort during the procedure.

What Is a Keloid Scar?

Keloids are raised, thickened scars extending beyond the original wound’s boundaries. An overgrowth of scar tissue causes them during the healing process and can be cosmetically bothersome or cause discomfort.

How Are Keloid Scars Removed?

Keloid scars can be removed by using steroid injections or laser resurfacing. Our doctors will examine your scar and discuss the best option.

Do Keloids Ever Go Away Naturally?

Keloids do not typically go away naturally on their own. Unlike regular scars that gradually fade over time, keloids are characterised by excessive scar tissue formation and tend to persist indefinitely.

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