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Smooth & Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment: London & Surrey

If you are looking to get rid of your stretch marks and improve the overall appearance of your skin then we have the expertise, technology and experience to help you. Suitable for all skin types, we offer a range of treatments that will target your stretch marks and visibly improve and smooth them away.

How much does Stretch Mark Removal cost?

Stretch Mark Removal costs between £250 to £550 per session depending on the area, type of technology you opt for and how many sessions you purchase. Purchasing multiple sessions as part of a package is likely to lead to better results and turn out to be more cost effective. Book a free consultation with our team today for more information.

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What is Stretch Mark Removal?

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched usually in a short time. They are incredibly common and can appear on anyone, anywhere and at any time. Common triggering events are a growth spurt, weight gain, weight loss & pregnancy.

They are often most noticeable around the stomach, upper thighs, upper arms and chest. These are the most common areas our clients want to be treated every day. We understand how deeply stretch marks can impact your body confidence. This is especially true as the weather gets warmer and you may be self-conscious and reluctant to strip of your layers.

If you are looking to remove your stretch marks today, our stretch mark treatment provides visible results, is completely safe, and cost-effective. We have various treatments for stretch mark removal starting at different prices. Book a free consultation today talk to our experienced practitioners about how we can remove your stretch marks.

Stretch mark removal treatments

Dermapen microneedling: uses tiny needles to puncture the surface of the skin to create micro tears. The body then reacts by triggering a wound healing response. An intense repair, renewal and rejuvenation of the area then occurs.

M22 Resurfx: is a fractional non-ablative resurfacing treatment.

iPixel: Skin Resurfacing & scar removal with iPixel Harmony XL PRO. Helps improve skin texture, tone, lift and reduce the appearance of marks and blemishes.

Ultracel RF Microneedling: combines micro-needling with Radiofrequency to produce ultimate collagen production. It is especially effective in treating stretch marks.

Morpheus8: Morpheus8 is a safe and effective treatment to remove stretch marks from all skin types and tones.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When proper treatment methods are used, stretch marks will fade in appearance, making them less noticeable on the skin. The results vary from person to person depending on clients stretch marks size and depth. Often a course of 3-6 treatments are recommended for maximum results.


All of our stretch mark removal treatments are very safe and are administered by highly trained practitioners. Stretch mark removal tis a non-surgical treatment which requires no downtime.


At London Premier Laser & Skin Clinic we provide two different methods to get rid of stretch marks.

DermaPen (Microneedling) for stretch mark removal is a non-surgical treatment with no downtime. The DermaPen works by piercing small tiny needles to the treated area and allowing collagen boost and to plump up and repair the scarred area.

Fractional Radio Frequency skin resurfacing for stretch marks is a more advanced FDA approved method for stretch mark removal.

We are proud to offer a solution to our clients that provides visible results, is completely safe and cost effective. Results vary from person to person, depending on the area, size and depth of stretch mark, typically it takes 3-5 sessions to see maximum results.

Individual results may vary.


Stretch marks represent permanent damage in the dermis which means they cannot be fully erased.

However, stretch mark removal treatments can significantly reduce the depth of the marks and their visibility. And with good skincare after your treatment, your results may last for years.


Yes, even though they may not disappear completely, stretch mark removal treatment can be applied to old stretch marks and significantly reduce their appearance.


You can have stretch marks removal treatment just about everywhere. However, the most common treatment areas are;

  • abdomen
  • breasts
  • hips
  • flank
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • lower back


Stretch marks around the abdomen, upper thighs and breasts are highly common during pregnancy and they don’t always disappear after childbirth.

Yes, stretch mark removal can treat pregnancy stretch marks. You can have the treatment after childbirth on most areas, after your finish breastfeeding.

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