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The red carpet treatment

Oxygen Facial London

Plumping, moisturising, & glow-boosting treatment that leaves skin with immediate luminosity. Perfect for special events & that same day glow , it preps skin for makeup and enhances your look with healthy radiance. as well as one of the most relaxing facial treatments you’ll find in Central London.

  • Immediate Results
  • Same Day Treatment Available
  • No Patch Test Needed
  • Available in Clapham & Kingston

How much is Oxygen Facial Treatment?

To find out more about costs and special offers for the Oxygen Facial Treatment and what treatments it can deliver, please speak to a member of staff about booking a free consultation.

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Add a Anti-wrinkle-like Ampoule of Atoxelane.

Embarking on the Oxygen Facial Adventure

Step into our sanctuary, where serenity and skin science blend seamlessly. Welcome to an exclusive experience designed to elevate your skin’s natural beauty – the Oxygen Facial Treatment. Envision a tranquil space dedicated to rejuvenating your complexion under the expert care of our professional skin therapists. Your journey begins with a delicate cleansing, prepping your skin for a revitalising transformation.

A Touch of Magic

As you unwind, immerse yourself in the luxury of a specialised mix of oxygen and rich serums delicately applied using the latest advancements in skincare technology. This bespoke treatment is far more than a simple facial; it’s a curated service tailored to breathe life back into your skin, meticulously addressing each concern and ensuring a uniform, thorough rejuvenation. Experience the assurance of comprehensive care, awakening every inch of your skin to radiant life.

Locking in the Luminance

Our journey concludes with a harmonious blend of exclusive moisturisers massaged into your skin. This crucial phase encapsulates the essence of the oxygen therapy, infusing your skin with lasting hydration and a supple, refreshed feel.

Instant Elegance & The Promise of No Downtime

The Oxygen Facial sets itself apart by offering you the freedom to immediately indulge in your daily routine, adorned with a newfound glow. Any minimal signs of redness disappear swiftly, revealing nothing but a refreshed, youthful complexion.

A Journey to Transformation

The Oxygen Facial is your gateway to not just pampering but a profound skin transformation. Discover the myriad of advantages that await:

    • Glow Unleashed: Illuminate your natural beauty with a glow that radiates wellness and vitality.
    • Supple Smoothness: Feel the transformation as your skin gains elasticity, softness, and a timeless quality.
    • Erase the Lines of Time: Witness the gentle smoothing of wrinkles and lines, revealing a visage that defies time.
    • Ultimate Hydration: Revel in the deep, enduring moisturisation that gives your skin a plump, vibrant look.

Serums of Serenity

At the heart of the Oxygen Facial Treatment are our signature serums, meticulously formulated to infuse your skin with life. Each serum is a concentrated potion of vitality, chosen for its deep compatibility with the skin’s natural biology.

Deluge of Vitality

Imagine your skin drenched in a concoction rich with vitamins (A, C, E), antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, each ingredient chosen for its power to rejuvenate, protect, and intensely hydrate. This serum ensemble is designed to:

  • Brighten and Firm: Revitalise your skin against the visible signs of ageing, promoting a luminous, even-toned, and firm complexion.
  • Protective Shield: Arm your skin against harsh elements and environmental pollutants, reducing the effects of free radicals.
  • Hydration Heaven: Dive into deep hydration with hyaluronic acid, diminishing lines for that coveted smooth and youthful appearance.

Personalised to Perfection

Understanding the diversity of skin types and concerns, our treatments are customised to meet your individual needs. Whether seeking clarity, calmness, or radiance, we tailor our approach to ensure your skin receives the precise care it deserves.

Transformation from Within

Leveraged by the power of oxygen, our serums deeply penetrate, fostering a rejuvenation that transcends the surface level. The outcome is a lasting transformation, leaving your skin not only glowing but fundamentally enriched and revitalised.

Step Into Your Radiant Self

Why postpone the unveiling of your most radiant self? The Oxygen Facial promises an exquisite blend of immediate allure and enduring benefits. Make your appointment today and embark on the path to radiant, healthy skin that reflects your inner brilliance.

Oxygen facial

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Unveil Your Skin’s True Brilliance with the Oxygen Facial Journey

Step into a world where beauty and tranquillity meet at our exclusive Oxygen Facial treatment session. Picture yourself in a peaceful retreat, where every detail is designed with your skin’s vitality in mind. Our adept skin specialists commence this luxurious journey by delicately purifying your complexion, setting the stage for a transformative experience.

The Enchantment Begins

Relax and let go as a unique concoction of Oxygen paired with nutrient-dense serums is meticulously administered using avant-garde techniques. This process is more than a facial; it’s a personalised ritual to awaken your skin’s potential, addressing your unique skin concerns with precision and care. Our thorough technique ensures comprehensive coverage, revitalising every cell for a vibrant, healthy glow.

Infusing Serenity and Radiance

The journey culminates with a gentle infusion of a bespoke moisturiser, deeply massaging it into your skin. This essential step encapsulates the nourishing effects of oxygen therapy, leaving your skin profoundly hydrated and rejuvenated.

Step Out in Confidence:

No Downtime Needed. What sets the Oxygen Facial apart is the immediate return to your daily life, glowing with confidence. Expect to encounter minimal, if any, transient reddening, which quickly dissipates, unveiling a rejuvenated complexion.

Embark on a Transformational Voyage

The Oxygen Facial is an invitation to treat yourself to therapy beyond mere relaxation to offer genuine skin metamorphosis. The array of benefits includes:

  • Effortless Glow: Ignite a natural luminosity that comes from within, enhancing your skin’s overall health.
  • Velvet Softness: Discover a newfound softness and bounce in your skin as if it’s been renewed.
  • Fine Line Finesse: Observe the visible softening of fine lines and wrinkles, unveiling a more youthful version of yourself.
  • Quench Your Skin’s Thirst: Delight in the profound moisturisation that leaves your skin plump and dewy.

A Symphony of Nutrients

The Signature Serum Selection

Dive deeper into the heart of the Oxygen Facial with its bespoke serums, each one a concentrated blend of vitality. These serums are the cornerstone of the facial, meticulously chosen for their compatibility with your skin.

A Cascade of Nutrients

Envision your skin is enveloped in a concoction of essential vitamins (A, C, E), antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, each element selected for its ability to revive, shield, and deeply moisturise. This nutrient-rich serum promises to:

  • Illuminate and Tone: Fortify your skin against the signs of ageing with a blend that promotes brightness, firmness, and an even skin tone.
  • Guard Against Elements: Equip your skin with a shield against environmental damage, minimising the impact of free radicals.
  • Plump Perfection: Hyaluronic acid ensures deep hydration, filling in lines for a smooth, youthful look.

Custom Care for Every Skin Type

Recognising the uniqueness of each individual’s skin, our experts tailor the serum mix to address your specific skin challenges. Whether your goal is to brighten, soothe, or clear your complexion, we craft a personalised treatment plan for you.

Beyond Surface-Level Beauty

With Oxygen as the vehicle, our serums penetrate deeply to work their magic from the inside out. The result? A transformation that’s not just visible but lasting, gifting you with skin that’s not only luminous but fundamentally nurtured and strong.

Your Radiant Renewal Awaits

Why wait to reveal the most radiant version of yourself? The Oxygen Facial offers an unparalleled blend of immediate enhancement and lasting benefits. Schedule your visit today and embark on a journey to glowing, healthy skin that mirrors your inner beauty.

Book a free consultation at London Premier Laser Clinic Kingston or Clapham today to experience the transformative effects of oxygen facial treatment and revitalise your facial appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydrafacial or Oxygen Facial better?

A Hydrafacial is no better than the Oxygen facial as they are similar in processes, downtime and results but your skin may be better to suited to one. This is often dependent on your skin type and the specific condition you are treating. By getting our free consultation, our advanced skin specialists will assess your skin and recommend the right treatment for you.

Who Is Suitable For Oxygen Facial Treatment?

Anyone over the age of 18 can get this facial treatment and it is suitable for any skin type or age. Those who suffer from rosacea, acne-prone skin or generally oily skin may prefer this type of treatment to see results.

Will I Need More Than One Session?

Clients will often see skin rejuvenation and improvement after one session. However, it depends on the severity of your skin concern it may take more sessions to be effective. Typically, you can get an Oxygen Facial one a month or every two months to sustain results, however, we will advise on the bespoke treatment course at your free consultation once we have your skin analysis.

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