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New Skin in 5 Days

Herbal Green Peel Treatment London & Surrey

Leading dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek set out with the goal of improving her client’s complexions quickly, safely and effectively. She wanted to unveil new skin in just 5 days – using only herbal ingredients. The result is the Green Peel®, a herbal Deep-Peeling medical-grade skin regenerating treatment powered solely by natural plant vitamins and minerals.

  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation
  • Helps scarring & spots
  • Regenerates new skin cells
  • Herbal/Vegan Ingredients
  • Brightens & Exfoliates

How much does Herbal Green Peel cost?

Prices for Herbal Green Peel start at £140 per session and go to £325 for a single session. The price depends on the number of sessions and the type of Herbal Green Peel treatment you undertake. Speak to our team about which one is right for you and what packages are available at the momen

Herbal Green PeelUnlimited Skin Treatments

What is Herbal Green Peel®?

New Skin in 5 Days! Recognised worldwide, The Green Peel® is proven to be a highly safe and successful method of non-invasive skin resurfacing. It is medically developed natural method with exclusively natural plant ingredients.

The Green Peel® CLASSIC involves a 5-day treatment cycle using a unique compound of natural herbs without any chemical additives.

  • Day 1: In-Clinic Treatment
  • Day 2-4: Prescribed Homecare
  • Day 5: In-Clinic Follow-up Treatment

The powerful treatment formula increases blood circulation of the skin which intensifies its metabolism and encourages the skin to regenerate by producing new cells and collagen fibres. As a result, the upper layers of the skin become redundant and peel away. The Green Peel® skin treatment is perfectly safe with over 40 years of research behind it.

Benefits of Herbal Green Peel

Herbal Green Peel is suitable for all skin types and complexions. The Herbal Green Peel is one of the best-known and proven methods for improving skin conditions such as:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dull Skin Tone
  • Acne / Acne Scarring
  • Stretch Marks

At Premier Laser & Skin we provide the following:

Targeted Herbal Peel

Mela white – For a more Even Skin Tone. This Treatment was designed to brighten and clear your complexion by reducing the appearance of pigmentation and to restore your skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients. Treatments will be performed every 2 weeks with 6 sessions recommended.

Advanced Herbal Peel

Green Peel Classic – New Skin in 5 Days. This peel uses natural herbs to regenerate the skin and target a range of skin problems. This Treatment increases blood circulation and encourages skin regeneration by producing new cells and collagen fibres. Included in the price are 2 in-clinic treatments. (Home-care kit would include an additional £45)

Treatments will be performed once a month, 3 sessions recommended.

Helps with treatment of...

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Frequently Asked Questions


The specific compound of GREEN PEEL® is massaged into your skin at our clinic. The herbs’ own micro particles lightly polish the upper layers of skin (epidermis removal), and other active ingredients in the herbal preparation will penetrate the skin where they will be absorbed by the cutis within 48 hours. They’ll release valuable, natural active substances such as vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and other beneficial ingredients into the skin.


Directly after the treatment the skin is red and a burning sensation similar to mild sunburn will be experienced. Three to four days later the old skin comes off. Until then you can work normally and should not need to take time off. On the 4th or 5th day a follow up treatment takes place. The practitioner will, if necessary massage away any old skin and use a rich active preparation on the new skin which is now very absorbent.


There is no redness in the new skin; the complexion is considerably improved, fresh, clear and younger.


The follow-up treatment with active ingredients, known as the SUPER BEAUTY TREATMENT, is highly recommended. It uses intensive active ingredients to tighten the skin, especially for those skins that need special care. It is unique to the Herbal Deep Peeling Treatment.

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