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90% Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Removal London

Laser hair removal permanently reduces excess or unwanted hair by up to 90%. If you're tired of shaving or waxing, opting for laser hair removal can be an efficient and safe choice.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Candela Gentle Max Pro
  • Results 6-8 Sessions*(T&Cs Apply)
  • Free Consultation & Patch Test
  • 9 Clinics across London & Surrey
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About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal London is a contemporary method that utilises a laser beam with accurately controlled pulses of energy to eliminate hair from the body. The laser’s energy heats the hair all the way down to the root, securely eradicating it without causing harm to the adjacent skin. We use industry-leading FDA-approved laser technology to ensure all of our lase hair removal London treatments are effective and safe on your skin, anywhere on your body. Our treatments permanently reduce hair growth by 90%.

At Premier Laser, our highly trained laser practitioners have performed over 600,000 treatments across 9 clinics since 2008, using the medical-grade, FDA approved Candela Gentle Max Pro. This technology has dual wavelength: Nd: Yag & Alexandrite, which treats all skin types (including laser hair removal for dark skin).

Furthermore, our dedication to safety and efficacy extends to our team’s expertise. Our practitioners undergo rigorous training with our in-house trainer, to ensure they are well-versed in the latest advancements in laser hair removal techniques. Their proficiency, combined with our state-of-the-art technology, guarantees a comfortable and successful treatment experience.

We understand that every individual is unique, and their skin requires personalised care. That’s why our dual-wavelength system is a game-changer. The Nd: Yag wavelength is specifically tailored for those with darker skin tones, making laser hair removal a viable and secure option for individuals with rich pigmentation. Conversely, the Alexandrite wavelength is perfectly suited for lighter skin types.


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Laser Hair Removal Pricing

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Prices shown have already been discounted. Discount reflects savings made on single session price when you purchase this package. Prices are valid at time of publishing and subject to change without prior notice. Discounts applied on courses of 8 and 10 only. We also offer a direct debit option through Klarna which does not require a credit check. Payments can be split into 3 monthly instalments or pay in 30 days.

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Permanently reduces hair growth

Say goodbye to shaving and waxing. More people are choosing laser for hair removal than ever before because it’s fast, safe and convenient. It’s effective in permanently removing hair by up to 90%.

Cost-effective hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal provides a long term and cost-effective treatments. Compared to shaving and waxing, laser hair is better value for money, without question.

Safe form of treatment

Laser hair removal is continually advancing and is as safe as it has ever been. Our expert practitioners have a wealth of experience with these industry-leading and FDA approved machines and treatments. FDA APPROVED

Reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs

Never worry about ingrown hairs again with laser hair removal. This treatment targets the hair follicle and root without damaging the surrounding area. Even the most sensitive skin can be treated.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Using traditional methods like shaving or waxing for hair removal can only provide temporary results. In fact, these methods can make hair grow back thicker and stronger. This can be especially troubling with facial hair. Shaving and plucking also encourage painful ingrown hairs and can cause annoying skin irritations. That is why more people are choosing laser for hair removal.

Step 1. Preparation

Before beginning the laser hair removal London journey, we offer a complimentary initial consultation. Before proceeding with laser hair removal, we will gather information about your health and lifestyle to determine if it is a suitable option. We conduct thorough consultations for all of our clients, which include reviewing past treatments, current medication, allergies, and any pigmentary issues. As a safety measure, we will conduct a patch test on a small area of your skin to verify that our laser technology does not cause any adverse reactions. If the patch test is successful, we can schedule your laser hair removal treatment for a date and time that works for you 48 hours later. Please remember to shave before your patch test and treatment, at least 48 hours before your appointment. For more information on preparation for laser hair removal, please read our detailed How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal blog.

Step 2. Treatment

Prior to your treatment, your practitioner will consult with you and perform a patch test. They will also prepare the area you have selected.

Prior to your actual treatment:

  • The skin is cleaned using a cleanser
  • Areas are then marked with a white pencil to ensure all areas are covered efficiently.
  • A cooling device will aid the laser treatment.
  • During the procedure, both the client and practitioner will wear protective eyewear in the treatment room.
  • Once the laser machine has been prepared, it is then moved over the area of the skin and activated.
  • The duration of a laser hair removal appointment can vary from 15 to 90 minutes depending on different factors like the area being treated, its size and location, and how much hair removal is desired. Gender can also be a factor.

Step 3. Aftercare

Immediately after treatment, there should be erythema (redness) and slight swelling on each hair follicle at the treatment site. The redness may last up to 2-3 days, and the treated area will feel similar to sunburn for a few hours after treatment.

You can purchase soothing aloe vera gel and SPF 50+ from us to help calm the affected area post-laser treatment. This cooling gel not only cools the area but also helps to keep the skin moisturised and healing well.

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What our customers think

Thank you so much Alex I have had the best results with my laser hair removal. I never meet such an attentive therapist. I tried some of the other therapsit and Alex is definitely the 5 star experience. If you need a treatment she is your girl. When I come back from abroad I will visit you again. Thank you.

Clinic is super clean, staff are helpful and informative. Prices compared to quality of machines used for treatment can’t be compared to others. Best in class for laser hair removal. I’ve had laser hair removal years ago now just topping up every couple of years. Minimal possible pain and administered very gently and calmly.

Both excellent experiences done by true professionals, Look forward to getting more treatments 😊

I’ve been a customer here for about a year and have had only good experiences. The team are friendly & helpful and the clinic is very clean & bright. I had lots of questions in my first appointment and they were so helpful in explaining it to me. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now as I have confidence in them, which is crucial for laser treatments. Most importantly, it’s worked too!

I would throughly recommend Premeir Laser. The packages provide good value for money for laser hair removal, the locations are very central and the service is very good. Every practitioner I’ve had an appt with has been friendly and professional, and importantly, very thorough.

The service is very good and the treatments seem to be working. The visible hair regrowth has reduced since starting the treatment. The staff are friendly and always give good advice.

Amazing clinic! The ladies are very knowledgeable and know what they are doing especially when it comes to people with darker / black skin for laser hair removal. Best money I’ve ever spent and wish I did it sooner as it has completely improved the way I feel and look! Would recommend to anyone – it is absolutely worth it. Thank you premier laser clinic Kingston!


See how Premier Laser Clinic stacks against other cosmetic laser companies

Premier Laser ClinicOthers
✔️ Diary availability for New and loyal ClientsLong Appointment wait times
✔️ Highly Skilled & Trained Practitioners with 3+ years experienceNew graduates with minimal experience
✔️ Qualified intensive On-going in-house trainingNew Graduates with minimal on-going training
✔️ Optimum Setting used for obvious results throughout the packageLow setting resulting in buying more sessions and spending more
✔️ Award Winning & Recognised ClinicNon-recognised new clinics
✔️ Founded & Managed by an senior aesthetic practitioner with over 25+ years experienceCommercial corporate chain managed

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Does Laser Removal Remove All Hair?

Laser hair removal is effective in reducing hair growth up to 80%, but it may not remove all hair permanently. Its effectiveness varies based on factors such as hair colour, skin type, and laser type. It works best on dark hair. Hormonal changes can influence hair growth, so maintenance treatments may be necessary.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal is effective but results vary. Multiple sessions might be required for best results but the effectivness can be noticed even from the first session. Hair growth is greatly reduced, but it’s not always permanent. Maintenance treatments may be necessary to sustain hair-free results.

Does laser really remove hair permanently?

Laser hair removal reduces hair growth, but results vary. Factors like hair colour, skin tone, and hormones affect its effectiveness. Multiple sessions and maintenance treatments may be needed. Consult with our professionals to manage expectations and suitability.

How Much Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost in the UK?

Full body laser hair removal London costs between £1,400 and £3,000 for 8 sessions on average. Prices vary based on clinic location, reputation, technology used, and individual needs. However, clinics usually offer a free consultation to provide a personalised quote. While the cost may seem high initially, laser hair removal offers a long-term solution for hair reduction, potentially saving money and time in the long run.

Laser hair removal pros and cons?

Laser hair removal has pros and cons. It can lead to long-lasting hair reduction, is precise, fast, and convenient. However, it is only sometimes permanent, can have varied results, requires multiple sessions, and is pricey. There is also a risk of side effects if not performed by a trained practitioner, and it’s not suitable for all hair tones. Proper preparation and aftercare are important, and it can be time-consuming.

Do you shave for laser hair removal?

It’s recommended to shave the area before laser hair removal to ensure the laser targets the follicles beneath the skin. Follow the specific guidelines provided by our clinic professionals. Avoid waxing, plucking, or depilatory creams beforehand. Book a free consultation with a practitioner for personalised guidance on preparation, expectations, and post-care.

How long does laser hair removal last?

Laser Hair Removal is the most effective, long-term hair reduction method. Typically, you may need 6 to 8 sessions to see the best results. Results vary from person to person, and top-up sessions may be required after time.

How much hair do you lose after your first laser hair removal session?

When you attend a hair removal session, for say your underarm, only around 15% of your underarm hairs will be in the growth phase. This means only 15% of the total underarm hairs can be destroyed at that session. The laser or practitioner cannot tell which of the hairs are in the growth phase and this is why the laser will go over the whole area and several sessions are required.

How many sessions do I need for laser hair removal?

6-8 Sessions are recommended. This can vary depending on your skin and hair type, hormone levels and response to laser hair treatment.

We’re confident that you will see results after your first session. However, it will take several sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart, to permanently remove hair depending on the area treated. You should see up to 90 percent reduction in hair growth. For the best possible results, maintenance treatments are recommended once a year for at least a couple of years.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

At your first laser hair session, we cleanse the treatment area and make sure you are relaxed before starting. Some clients report a tingling sensation on the surface of the skin during treatment, often described like having an elastic band flicked against your skin. For most clients, the treatment is pain-free. Read more on this topic in our Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? blog.

What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

The most common side effects of laser hair removal are:

  • Skin irritation
  • Temporary discomfort
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pigment changes (laser hair removal might darken or lighten the affected skin, usually temporarily)

If you are concerned about any of these potential side effects, please speak to your medical practitioner. This is why we always perform a patch test at least 24 hours before starting any treatment.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes. Using only the latest Candela and Cynosure technology, our powerful medical-grade lasers ensure you receive the best laser hair removal treatment available. Our laser hair removal practitioners are experts – they have an average of 5 years’ experience, which is much higher than the industry average. This wealth of experience combined with the latest technology means you can be confident in their ability to perform successful and safe hair reduction whatever your skin type, tone, or hair.

Does laser hair removal cause cancer?

The NHS definitively states that there is “no evidence to suggest that laser hair removal causes skin cancer”. (

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser treatment affects hair in the active growth phase (anagen stage). The laser beam is made up of precisely controlled pulses of energy which are absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair and reaches into the active hair follicles that lie beneath the skin.

The energy heats the hair, right down to the bottom of the root, safely destroying it without damaging surrounding tissue or skin.

Most people will need a course of between 6 and 8 sessions, after which time the hair will be visibly reduced or permanently removed, and the skin will be smooth and even. See our in-depth guide on How Does Laser Hair Removal Work for more information.

What is the best laser hair removal machine?

There is no singular “best” laser hair removal machine. Certain machines perform different tasks better than others, but there are plenty of factors that deliver the best results – such as the patient’s skin type, the area of the body and the talent and experience of the practitioner.

At Premier Laser, we have invested in a wide variety of advanced laser hair removal technology combined with consistent practitioner training so that we can provide the best individual laser hair removal solution for each patient.

Can you shave after laser hair removal?

You can shave after you receive laser hair removal treatment, but you should avoid shaving straight away to avoid irritating your skin.

Can men have laser hair removal?

At London Premier Laser, hair removal for men is a very popular treatment. We can treat all male skin areas and all skin types, from very light to very dark.

How long does laser hair removal last for dark skin?

Until recently, people with darker skin may not have seen successful results following laser hair removal. Thankfully, today’s lasers are more advanced than the earlier models. Modern laser hair removal technology uses a much deeper wavelength called Nd:YAG, which gets around any issues previously experienced. The same results can now be experienced regardless of skin tones.

Does laser hair removal work on red or ginger hair?

Laser hair removal works by targeting the melanin in the hair (this is the dark pigment that makes skin and hair a deeper colour). Some people have more of this pigment than others, hence why some people have darker skin than others.

The issue with red and ginger hair is the fact that lasers have difficulty determining between pigments, red being one of the most difficult to see. The same goes for grey hair, which is another difficult colour for the laser to spot.

While it might not be the most effective on red or ginger hair, it can still work. We recommend booking a consultation with one of our practitioners to discuss your treatment in further detail.

What’s the difference between Hollywood, bikini, and Brazilian laser hair removal?

  • Hollywood – this is everything off, everywhere, both front and back including perianal but not buttocks.
  • Bikini – this removes hair up to your bikini line, so upper and inner thighs are included.
  • Brazilian – this extends the bikini line, leaving a small strip of hair.

Is laser hair removal haram?

According to, laser hair removal is permissible provided it’s not harmful. (

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