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ND:YAG Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

Premier Laser uses FDA approved technology to deliver ingrown hair reduction, reduced hair growth and safe results for darker skin tones.

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Who is dark skin Laser Hair Removal for?

Using the latest FDA approved medical grade Candela technology our Nd:YAG wavelength lasers are ideally suited for Brown, Asian, Indian, and black skin tones. Our practitioners will have years laser experience before joining us, making them the most knowledgeable and safest practitioners in the industry today, so you can trust us to safely help you get the results you desire.

You will find our clinics to be professional & friendly, modern, comfortable & welcoming across our 9 convenient locations in London & Surrey, open 7 days a week until 8pm why not book a free consultation today and prepare to throw away your razor!

Does Laser Hair Removal work for dark skin?

Laser devices traditionally used in hair removal were incredibly sensitive to both skin colour and melanin, which is why so many people with darker skin tones did not experience great results from Laser Hair Removal.

Today the latest FDA approved laser hair machines are extremely advanced and sophisticated, with the Nd: YAG laser specifically designed to distinguish the subtle changes in skin tone, which means it can remove hair no matter what type of skin you might have. This means a safe, effective reduction in hair from top to toe for you.

What’s the best Laser Hair Removal machine for dark skin?

We use only the top of range Candela Gentle Max Pro which has the dual wave length. For our darker skin tone clients, it allows us to select the Nd-Yag which is selectively chooses the right parameters to suit your skin tone and hair type. Gentle Max Pro is considered top of the range laser machine and are medical grade and FDA approved which means they are the same lasers used in hospitals. Using top of the range lasers means you will experience better and faster results in fewer sessions which will save you money over using clinics that use other inferior branded lasers.

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Watch our video to find out more about this treatment, how it works and what kind of results you expect.

Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal & black skin – The Laser Lowdown

A few years ago laser hair removal was not a serious or safe option for people with darker skin. This changed with the introduction of the Nd:YAG Laser. Nd Yag lasers use the 1064nm wavelength and not the 755nm Alexandrite wavelength used on lighter skin types 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Why is the Nd:YAG laser safer for darker skin?

The laser goes deeper, bypassing the pigmentation in the skin, and precisely targeting only the melanin in the root hair, destroying it by heating up its blood supply and killing it.

What is Long pulse Nd:YAG? (The science bit!)

Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) is a crystal that is used as a laser medium for solid-state lasers. It is pumped by a high-intensity lamp inside a resonator to increase the power. It creates a varied long pulse duration so can go much deeper into the skin tissues.

Is Nd:YAG laser safe and effective?

Yes, our Candela lasers are FDA approved and our practitioners are the most experienced in the industry. The only advanced technology used by experts will give you the safe and effective results you are after, not the technology alone.

Is Nd:YAG laser hair removal permanent?

After 8-12 treatments, 90% of the hair would be destroyed. Hair that does grow back is thinner and finer and easier to manage.

Is Nd:YAG laser painful?

No, it is not painful. It has been compared to having an elastic band flicked again your skin. A patch test at a laser hair consultation will allow you to feel the sensation before starting a course of laser hair removal

How much does an Nd:YAG laser cost?

There is no difference in price between Nd:YAG laser or Alexandrite laser used on lighter skin types. Typically a full body laser hair removal will cost around £2-£3,000 in London.

Black skin can be more sensitive to laser so only trust your skin in the hands of experts with experience of treating darker skin. At Premier Laser our practitioners and managers live, work and reflect the diversity of London.

They are specialists who can understand your skin. They know it needs a gentler approach to protect your skin’s pigment and to give you your desired results. Never choose the cheapest option or Groupon type deals.

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale

Skin tones are categorised on the Fitzpatrick Scale which is a number between 1-6. In 1975 Thomas Fitzpatrick developed a scale to estimate the response of various types of skin to UV light:

  • Type one usually has light skin that always burns in the sun.
  • Type two has fairly light skin, and almost never tans.
  • Type three begins to darken a bit but can tan when exposed to the sun.
  • Type four is an olive colour and tans routinely when exposed to the sun.
  • Type five is dark in colour and rarely suffers sunburn.
  • Type six is the darkest skin. They never burn, and tan fairly quickly.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Hair Removal for dark skin safe?

Darker skin can be more sensitive and reactive to laser. The introduction of the Nd-Yag 1064 nm laser removal technology has revolutionised and reversed the risk that used to exist for people with darker skin. The Nd-Yag 1064nm wavelength also works great on thick, curly and strong hair which is perfect for those with darker skin.

Does it hurt?

Laser Hair Removal is virtually painless, some of our clients have likened the feeling to that of being pinged by an elastic band.

Will Laser Hair Removal lighten skin?

Laser hair removal may temporary darken or lighten the skin being treated by laser. Skin lightening usually affects people who do not avoid sun exposure before or after treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal safe for Indian skin?

In the past laser hair removal wasn’t safe and effective for Indian skin due to the lasers struggling to isolate and destroy the hair follicle. As the laser industry and technology has advanced it has been possible from many years now. Modern lasers are proven to be very effective and safe. The Nd-Yag 1064nm wavelength also works great on thick, strong hair which is just perfect for the strong Indian hair.

What does Nd:YAG mean?

The 1064 nm wavelength, also known as the Nd:YAG wavelength works on darker skin types because it is not as highly absorbed by melanin as other wavelengths like the Alexandrite 755nm that is used on people with lighter skin tones. Due to this, the wavelength can safely treat all skin types because it targets its energy deep into the dermis without relying on melanin to do it.

How quickly will I see results?

You will begin to see a reduction in hair growth after your first session, this will improve over time as you undergo more treatments.

Can brown skin get Laser Hair Removal?

Yes. Laser technology has been around for many years now and the laser machines today are much more sophisticated and advanced then the first models which were not as effective performing laser hair removal on darker skin.

How long does it take?

Laser Hair Removal can take as little as 10 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Full Body Laser Hair Removal can take up to 2 hours.

Why is IPL dangerous for dark skin?

If you darker skin then you should avoid IPL treatment. This is because IPL treatment beams laser over a large, broad area rather than focusing on the hair follicle. This may lead to damage of your skin permanently.

It is also less effective compared to Nd-YAG and you will need more treatments to achieve the same results. For example 10 treatments compared to only 6 when using the Nd-YAG laser.
This make Nd -YAG laser hair removal dark skin is the best and safest solution to your hair problems.

Can Laser Hair Removal get rid of my ingrown hair?

If you are struggling with in-grown hairs then laser hair removal is perfect for you. You will notice results after the first session and by the end of your course you should no longer have in-grown hairs. If you have previously been using a razor then you can also say farewell to razor burn and irritation.

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