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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Trusted by over 100,000 men for their laser hair removal across 8 city centre locations. Popular areas include chest and back.

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What is laser hair removal for men?

Laser hair removal for men is more popular than ever. 1 in 5 of our clients is now male. Since 2008 our 9 London & Surrey clinics have performed over 100,000 laser hair removal treatments on men of all colour – with more men visiting our clinics every week.

Grooming treatments for men are now increasing in the market and becoming a normal part of everyday life. Popular treatments for men are back and shoulder, beard line, abdominal and chest, beard line and neck line. Men’s full body packages has seen a surge in demand also in areas such as full body and pubs areas.

If you want back, chest or stomach hair gone or ear, nose and hairy hands to disappear or go all-in on a full-body, laser hair removal is quick and effective and can reduce hair by up to 90% permanently.

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How much does Men’s Laser Hair Removal cost?

The prices shown have already been discounted. Discount reflects savings made on a single session price when you purchase this package.

** Finance packages require a 20% upfront deposit and are subject to a credit check. The monthly prices shown are based on a package of 8 and are to be paid over 12 months. Prices are valid at the time of publishing and subject to change without prior notice. Discounts applied on courses of 8 & 6 only.

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Watch our video to find out more about this treatment, how it works and what kind of results you expect.

Thinking about male Laser Hair Removal for the first time?

Thousands of men of all colour, skin types and tones have trusted us. Compared to other competitors, Premier Laser & Skin was one of the first aesthetics clinics to provide laser hair removal for men and women. We have been the pioneer since 2008 and still continuing to increase our male database ever since.

Check out our special offers page for the latest offers.

We offer great packages or you can pick and mix areas suited to your needs. Packages for male back, neck and shoulders laser hair removal start from £62. With finance available from only £280 and a price match guarantee we have made it as easy as 1-2-3 to start your laser hair removal.

If you are looking for a full Hollywood, Brazilian or Bikini we can tailor make the perfect package suited to your needs.

  • Men’s Hollywood – All pubic hair removed everywhere; front and back including buttocks – perianal plus genitals including the scrotum. Prices from £37.
  • Men’s Brazilian – Front pubic hair removed leaving a landing strip style of hair. Prices from £26.
  • Men’s Bikini Line – It covers the hair outside of your swimming trunks so your upper and inner thighs. Prices from £26.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Laser Hair Removal work for me?

Laser hair removal works better on some people then others. If you have white hair, very fair skin with light blonde hair or red hair, laser hair removal will not be an effective for you.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

You may have heard that laser hair removal can be painful. It feels like having an elastic band snapped against your skin which most people can tolerated. During your consultation and patch test you will get to experience the laser on your skin as we test a small area. You can then decide for yourself how painful treatment would be.

What is the difference between Laser Hair Removal & Electrolysis?

Laser hair removal is different to electrolysis. Electrolysis directs an electric current into individual hair follicles which people find slightly more uncomfortable then lasers. It is also a slower process. Laser hair removal target more hairs in on go so it is not only faster but less uncomfortable.

Are there any side effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal have been practiced for over 20 years and is considered to be perfectly safe. At Premier Laser all consultations and treatments are a carried out by qualified practitioners and a patch test before any treatments occur indicate suitability.

Immediately after the treatment your hair follicles may be raised and uneven when treatment has taken place. This is normal and should usually go away within a few hours but allow for up to 48 hours. You may experience itchiness but again this is perfectly normal and occurs as the dead hair is being pushed out.

Are men better suited to Laser Hair Removal?

Excessive body hair in men can often be caused by high levels of testosterone and the more testosterone the faster and thicker body hair will grow. Thicker and often darker hairs make men ideal candidates for laser hair removal treatment with better results experienced then women. Also men have more body hair then women so are ideal candidates.

Is Laser Hair Removal effective on darker skin types?

As the laser is absorbed by melanin in the basal stem or root of the hair follicle treatment is usually very effective for darker skin and hair tones.

For darker skinned clients with black hair the Nd:YAG laser is most effective.

This is because Nd:YAG hair removal laser has a different wavelength and is better at selecting pigment than other lasers. It penetrates hair follicles more precisely and leaves the surrounding skin tissue undamaged. At Premier Laser our lasers allow us to treat all skin types including Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Black Caribbean, Black African and mixed skin types without any issues.

What areas can you laser?

Laser are far more versatile then either waxing or shaving and can get to those hard to reach places.

At Premier Laser we can treat the following areas for men: cheeks, chin, jawline, shoulder blades, half face, full face, full back, male hollywood, shoulders and upper arms and full body including chest, abdomen, underarms, full legs, buttocks, peri-anal, pubic area, cheekbones, nose and nostrils, middle of eyebrow, front neck, back of the neck, shaping forehead hair and sideburns, ears, arms, chest abdomen, hands and fingers, feet and toes and buttocks

How many sessions will I need?

Hair growth happens in 3 phases called anagen, telogen, catagen. Lasers can only affect currently active growing hair follicles in the early anagen phase. Different hair follicles will be in different hair growth stages at any one time. Any hairs not in the anagen phase will not be effectively removed.

Hence, several sessions are needed to catch the hairs in all phases of growth to effectively remove them. Most packages have 6-8 sessions and depending on your type of hair and skin colour have been this has shown to result in the best long-term reduction of hair.

What does the laser do?

Lasers works by selective photothermolysis or SPTL which, without getting to technical, matches the specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to your skin type. In simple terms the lasers heat up dark matter called melanin with an intense beam of light, which destroys the root of the hair called the basal stem which is responsible for hair growth (the follicle). It is able to target specific areas without effecting surrounding areas. This is what makes laser hair removal so effective.

What lasers do you use?

At Premier Laser we use the leading laser hair removal lasers currently on the market. They are made by Gentlemax Pro and are the Rolls Royce of the laser hair removal industry. If you are shopping around for treatment make sure that the clinic uses Candela Gentlemax Pro. You may pay more but it works out better value in the long run as less sessions will be required , saving you time and money.

The Gentlemax Pro is more powerful then other brands which means faster and better results for you. The Gentlemax Pro is also suitable for all skin types and hair types.

The laser is a single consolidated multi wavelength system comprising of a 755nm Alexandrite alongside the 1064nm Nd:YAG laser. These combined technologies make it one of the fastest on the market for laser hair removal and the most sought after machine on the market today. Due to the cost of the machines they are usually only found in larger clinics and aestheric chains so be sure to ask before you start treatment anywhere.

At Premier Laser we continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure that you receive the best treatment available. Using the Candela Gentlemax Pro means that we have have the safest and gentlest laser on the market.

Premier Laser is one of the largest owners of Candela technology in the UK. We are constantly investing in the latest proven technology so that you can benefit from better treatments and better results and we can remain an industry leader.

How many sessions will I need for full back hair removal?

Having laser hair removal on the back is one of our most popular treatments and our ‘before and after’ pictures show dramatic results. As this is a large area most men would require the full 6 – 8 sessions. You would need to allow for 6 weeks between sessions. The whole treatment takes place over a number of months.

By the second treatment you will begin to notice results. Backs should be shaved the day before a laser hair session. If you are unable to do this, as it can be a tricky area to reach, don’t worry Premier Laser can do this for you on the day of your session for a small charge

What will happen to my skin after the first session?

The hairs will be shedded following the days and weeks after your treatment. The dead hairs will need to penetrate the skin and it usually pushes through anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks following the laser hair removal session. It will look like new growth is taken place but it just the dead hair being pushed out.

Hairs should be allowed to fall out naturally without any intervention. This avoids infections. Pulling, shaving or waxing after treatment to speed things up with have the opposite effect. After your second session you will begin to notice that the treated areas will have a combination of hair and no hair as the hair follicles shut down and stop producing new hairs.

How long do I have to wait between sessions?

You will need to wait between sessions of between 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the area being covered. If you are having your face lasered then you may require more treatments to achieve the results you are after.

When should I notice results?

A few weeks after a laser hair removal session, you’ll notice that your unwanted hair has become sparser and finer, your skin smoother, and your pores less visible. As your sessions continues over the months the results will become more obvious and you will wonder why you did not perform laser hair removal treatment earlier!.

Is there any aftercare treatment required?

Protecting your skin from the sun is important after your treatment. This is easier to do in the winter months then summer if you live in the UK. Try and make sure you put on a UVA/UVB sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher to ensure maximum protection and cover up as much as possible with thin layers.

Also follow the advice of your practitioner. They can recommend skin creams and what to avoid before your treatment, so that you get the best results. By following these simple before and after steps will ensure your laser hair treatment will be successful. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything then your consultant will be happy to help and advise you.

Do I need to have a consultation?

Before any treatment takes place you will need to book a free consultation. During the consultation you will be seen by an expert practitioner who will ask you a number of questions and examine your skin. All our practitioners have over 5 years of experience and you will learn a lot about your skin during the consultation.

What is a patch test?

A patch test allows us to safely check your skin is suitable for Laser Hair Removal. Your skin will be assessed by your practitioner, and then laser will be applied to a small area to check for any reaction. Treatment will not commence until 24 hours after your patch test.

Our advanced laser technology allows us to treat most skin types by applying specific settings. This means your treatment will always be carried out in the safest, most efficient method.

Do I need to do anything to prepare before treatment?

A patch test allows us to safely check your skin is suitable for Laser Hair Removal. Your skin will be assessed by your practitioner, and then laser will be applied to a small area to check for any reaction. Treatment will not commence until 24 hours after your patch test.

Our advanced laser technology allows us to treat most skin types by applying specific settings. This means your treatment will always be carried out in the safest, most efficient method.

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