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Mens Back Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need To Know

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology, laser hair removal can get rid of your hairy back.

Imagine your back, smooth and hair free, with no more itching, skin irritations, unpleasant body odour or hair follicles becoming infected from shaving or waxing.

Say goodbye to that uncomfortable feeling you get when you exercise or are in hot weather and sweating.

why laser hair remvoal

Why get Laser Hair Removal on Your Back? 

You already know through experience, waxing and shaving is out of the question. Shaving your back is difficult, waxing is painful and creams get messy. You run the risk of damaging the pigmentation in your skin with creams.

If you do finally struggle to get a hair free back – you’ll have to repeat the whole process again in a few weeks when the hair grows back. Great!

How many favours can you ask? How much waxing pain can you take? And the inconvenience of attending waxing appointments. Who has got time for that? Life is too short. There must be a better way?

If you haven’t got time to attend painful waxing appointments, no time to DIY, we have the perfect solution for removing back hair.

laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal on men’s backs is the most popular laser hair area we perform across our 9 London clinics.

laser hair removal for men

Are Laser Hair Removal Clinics For Men?

Women have known about the magic of laser hair removal for years, but if you think laser hair removal is just for women, you could not be more wrong. In our London Laser Clinics 1 in 5 customers is a man. That’s a whopping 20% , which means hundreds of men every month are enjoying the great results laser hair removal can bring. 

There is no need to be intimidated, embarrassed, put off or thinking laser clinics are exclusively for women. 

If you do want all your body hair removed we can do that for you too– why stop at the back! Contact us for a free consultation and patch test today.

laser hair removal dark skin men

Will Back Laser Hair Removal Work On All Skin Tones?

The technology has improved since the earlier laser machines years ago.

That means, no matter what, lasers can work on your skin type and tone. If you are darker skinned with really thick hair or fair-haired, lasers will give you the hair free results you crave.

At Premier Laser our practitioners have treated men and women of all ages, from all backgrounds and colours and have the experience of getting results with the thickest and hairiest backs.

Our Latest Laser Technology Works On All Skin Types

Lasers have two different wavelengths.

  1. the Alexandrite ‘red light laser’
  2. Nd:YAG wavelengths.

They are designed to remove hair on all skin colours. If you have lighter skin you would use the Alexandrite Laser which use the 755nm wavelength on the infrared spectrum to destroy hair. For tanned to darker skin tones the Nd:YAG wavelength of 1064nm will destroy hair.

Lasers work by being attracted to dark pigment. If you have really dark thick back hair and are worried that laser wouldn’t work, lasers work better and is really effective on dark hairs, so you should experience super results.

laser hair removal for men

Does Men’s Back Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Laser hair removal cannot get rid of 100% of hair. Any clinic promising that is misleading you. What you can expect is an 85-90% hair reduction. Any hairs growing back will be much lighter, thinner and more manageable to remove.

For most men this is dramatic and is a real game changer.

How Long Does Men’s Laser Hair Removal Last?

If you have stuck to your appointments and have been discussing your results every session with your practitioner, then you can expect to have a permanent 90% reduction in hair.

(Choosing the right practitioner and talking to them about your progress every session is key for best results)

If you get to your last session, and you are not happy with your results it may mean you need extra sessions. Those extra sessions should remove the last remaining hairs.

Results are then permanent. You won’t need to buy another 6-8 package every year. What you may need to do is have 1 or 2 top up sessions every year or two years apart.

Compare this with not having any laser and the inconvenience and pain you go through every few days or weeks. Changes are dramatic. Most men are happy with their results (and so are their partners!.)

laser hair removal for men

Is Men’s Back Laser Hair Removal Painful?

It is not as painful as waxing, if you have been waxing up until now. Because the back is a large area laser hair removal on the back can be painful.

Pain also depends on the individual and how they tolerate it.

It has been described as having a rubber band flicked against your skin. Seeing as the back is a large area for laser hair removal that is a lot of rubber band flicking which can begin to irritate.

All clinics perform a patch test before any laser treatment, so you will get to feel the sensation for yourself. If you turn out to be sensitive then numbing cream can be applied to the area which should lessen the pain.

Do I Need To Prepare For Back Hair Laser Removal?

Yes clinics would you require you to shave your back before your appointments. Most clinics offer this service for you for a small charge. Shaving the area makes the laser treatment more effective.

Read our guide on how to prepare for laser hair removal. 

What If I Don’t Shave my Back before Laser Hair Removal?

If you don’t shave the laser will waste energy attacking the hair outside the skin instead of the root. If shaved the laser can focus on going straight to the hair root, killing that and stopping it from ever growing back.

Also no reputable laser clinic will perform laser on an unshaven back as it would be a waste of time.

laser hair removal for men

Men’s Back Laser Hair Removal Cost

For laser back removal you can expect to have at least 6 sessions, depending on how you respond. The cost will work out around £100 per session if you buy a package, based on London laser hair removal clinic prices in 2023.

So you are looking at a total cost of around £700. If you need more sessions this take the cost to over £1000. We have deals and packages available depending on the areas, sessions and severity. Please see our pricing information here. 

Most clinics will have finance so you can spread the costs if required.

*For example, at Premier Laser for 8 back sessions on finance it would cost you £61 per month for 12 months with a 20% deposit and at 0% finance. 

hair growth cycle

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Will I Need For My Back?

What is critical if you are thinking about laser hair removal for your back, to get the best results and value for your money is commitment and consistency.

Appointment are spread 6–8 weeks apart, and it is really important to stick to them. If you leave long gaps between treatments 3–4 months then you are just wasting your time….and money.

This is because the laser works and syncs with your hair cycle. It takes around 6 weeks for a hair to complete the growth cycle in most people. Laser can only destroy hair in the growth phase call the anagen phase.

At your first session only hairs in the anagen growth phase will be destroyed – hence multiple appointments are needed, spread evenly apart, to kill all the hairs in the growth phase.

That is why you will have to block time off to commit to it. If you travel or are away a lot, then you need to maybe plan to do laser when you have a clear diary.

The good news is, after attending your sessions consistently, you should be so happy with the results.

laser hair removal for men

Is Back Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

If you purchased a package of 6–8 treatments from a laser clinic by the end of your last session you would have spent close to £1000 on removing hair from your back. That is a lot of money. So you would expect results!.

In the short term laser hair removal is expensive and an inconvenience.

You have to stick to the appointments and if you cancel or miss appointments you will not get the best results.­­

But after going through all that and not having to go back to your old lifestyle of endless waxing and shaving, it really is a small price to pay and one of the best investments you will ever make in your personal grooming.

What Are The Negatives About Back Laser Hair Removal?

Most people complain about the cost. Although there are some fantastic deals out there with finance options bringing down monthly costs. The time it takes, and the commitment also are a negative as are finding a reputable clinic.

We can’t help you with the time it takes, but everything else we can help you with.

laser hair removal for men

Will It Make My Back Hair ­Grow Back Thicker?

No, It will not grow back thicker after your back hair has been lasered off. Hair is killed permanently and does not grow back. The hair growth that may occur you will find to be much thinner and manageable. This applies to the 10% of hair that remains.

4 keys to the best back laser hair removal experience and long term success

  1. Reputable Clinic
  2. Latest technology
  3. Experienced Technician
  4. Consistency & Commitment

If any one of the 4 above is missing don’t expect good results. Latest tech without an experienced practitioner is a waste of time. Lacking consistency and cancelling appointments will also affect results. 

[h4] Back Laser Hair Removal in London & Surrey

Speak to us today about removing your back hair, We are London’s largest independent laser hair specialists established in 2008. A free consultation will only cost your time. Don’t delay getting rid of your back hair any longer. Take the first step today.

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Speak to us today about removing your back hair, We are London’s largest independent laser hair specialists established in 2008. A free consultation will only cost your time. Don’t delay getting rid of your back hair any longer. Take the first step today.

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