With the big day approaching most brides have a huge amount to worry about, from the weather to the food and everything in between. However, how the dress looks, and in particular, how you feel in it is also a key concern in the year leading up to the wedding. One of the elements that […]Continue reading

Not many people know there is any difference between IPL and laser hair removal technologies.  Often thought of as similar, the main difference between laser hair removal and IPL is in the results.  Laser will deliver more precise, longer lasting, better results.  Therefore understanding the differences between laser and IPL is key before deciding which […]Continue reading

Unwanted hair is a concern lots of us face, however, there are lots of viable solutions. Epilation and laser hair removal are two popular procedures for unwanted and excessive hair, but which is right for you? Epilation involves removing hair using an epilator. This device has rotating discs or mechanical tweezers that grip hairs and remove [...]Continue reading