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Perianal Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal service

What is Perianal?

  • The perianal is located between the buttocks and around the rectum on men and women.
  • The area can be separately lasered covering the rectum and perineum.
  • You can combine the perianal and buttocks for one treatment.
  • Most clients add the perianal to bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood packages for convenience.

Laser and the Perianal Area

The perianal is a popular area for laser hair removal. It is located around the rectum and usually includes the perineum. Otherwise, referred to as your bum, butt – if you’re American, or anus to give it the correct medical term.

Whichever term you prefer, it’s the annoying hair down there that you don’t want to be down there!.

So, what are your options? But first, let’s clear up exactly where we’re talking about, to avoid any confusion.

Where is the Perineum & can I laser there?

The perineum is the small strip of skin between your anus / bum and genitals on both men and women. This area can be effectively treated for laser hair removal.

So you can finally say goodbye to waxing and shaving.

By having laser on the buttocks and perianal you will save yourself the trouble, and difficulty, of removing it yourself in these tricky and hard to reach places.

Also you will not have the ongoing expenses of waxing or shaving or the potential of painful ingrown hairs. The last thing you want is an infected, swollen ingrown hair as they can be extremely painful specially when trying to sit down!

How to get rid of perianal hair

Like most parts of your body where you don’t want hair, the perianal and your buttocks can have its fair share of hair. Growing wildly and out of control, laser hair removal can soon have the area tamed, smooth and hair free.

bikini laserChoose the perianal on any bikini or Brazilian packages

Most people will have the perineum done while they are having other areas lasered.

If you are already have or are thinking about laser hair removal down below then it makes sense to choose the perianal area and buttocks (if required) as part of your package. Most laser hair removal companies allow you to pick and mix the areas you want treated.

Perianal & Buttock Laser hair removal

If you are already having bikini or an extended bikini (g-string) laser hair removal or having a Brazilian why not add the perianal area?. It will not add much time to your laser session, and it is a good idea to get it all done together if it bothers you. It will also it will tidy the area, so you will be hair free round the front and back!

Also it will tidy the area, so you will be hair free round the front and back!

At Premier Laser a full Hollywood which is all the hair in the pubic region would include perianal and buttocks.

How many sessions will I need?

Once you start laser hair removal your previous methods of hair removal will need to stop, otherwise it will interfere with your treatment. Most people will require a course of 6-8 session for best results. Package prices tend to work out better value then pay as you go pricing.

perianal laser How much for Perianal laser hair removal in London?

At Premier Laser our prices start from £35 – We also price match against any other London clinic using the same technology.

Pay as you go Course of 6  Course of 8 
Peri Anal or Bikini Line 70 42 35
Brazilian 100 60 50
Hollywood inc PA, Buttocks 138 83 69

How do I prepare for perianal?

We have written a guide on how to prepare for laser hair removal, and it gives you a detailed breakdown of what you need to do for best results. There are no extra steps you need to take for perianal laser hair removal then you would for other areas.

Of course, you will want to maintain good personal hygiene, washing using warm soapy water prior to your appointment and shave at least 24 hours before your laser is recommended.

We also have a guide for aftercare and FAQ’s. If you still have questions, have them ready to ask your practitioner at your consultation.

Worried or embarrassed about having laser here?

You should not be worried or embarrassed at all. Laser hair practitioners are friendly and professional and have seen and done it all. Doing laser hair removal every day, they have treated a hundred if not thousands of people just like you.

If you are worried about having a younger practitioner ask your clinic to provide a senior, more experienced practitioner, to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable.

How long does treatment take?

Laser hair removal on your perianal is quick and straight forward. It is only a small area so can be covered in a few minutes by your practitioner. The buttocks may take lightly longer.

How does the laser work?

Laser hair removal works by sending a focused pulse of light onto the skin. This heats the pigment in the melanin and destroys the hair all the way down to the root and hair follicle. The hair will then fall out up to 7 days later. Laser only destroys hair in the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle, this is why more than one session is required.

laser hair removal

Will it work on my skin type?

Perianal laser hair removal is a fantastic solution whatever your skin type and tone. Today’s lasers use dual wavelengths, like the Candela Gentlemax Pros we use at Premier laser, operate on the Alexandrite 755nm wavelength and the Nd:YAG 1065nm wavelength which can treat skin types 1-6 on the Fitzpatrick scale or light to dark brown

Our top-of-range Candela lasers are FDA approved and are found in medical practices and hospitals worldwide.

Is Perianal Laser painful?

Laser hair removal is generally not considered to be painful, although everyone has a different pain threshold. The sensation has been compared to having a rubber band pinged against your skin. A sensation most can tolerate. Numbing cream can be used if you are more sensitive.

Book a Consultation for Perianal Laser

At Premier Laser, we are London’s leading independent laser hair removal specialists. We have been performing laser hair removal across our 10 London clinics since 2008 and are trusted by Londoners from all ethnicities for their laser needs.

Speak to us today to book a free consultation and start your journey to smooth hair-free skin.

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