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Full Body Laser Hair Removal from £108 a month.

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Facial Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent hair reduction method which reduces excess or unwanted hair by up to 90%. Laser hair removal is an effective and safe alternative to shaving and waxing.

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The prices shown have already been discounted by 10%. Discount reflects savings made on single session price when you purchase this package. To purchase Add-ons you must purchase at least 1 standard related treatment.


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Prices shown have already been discounted. Discount reflects savings made on a single session price when you purchase this package. Finance packages require a 20% upfront deposit and are subject to a credit check. Prices are valid at the time of publishing and are subject to change without prior notice. Discounts are applied on courses 8 and 10 only. We also offer a direct debit option through Klarna, which does not require a credit check. Payments can be split into 3 monthly instalments.

Facial Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted facial hair with any of our lip and facial hair removal treatments. Our industry-leading, FDA-approved machines will reduce excess facial hair by up to 90%. Book a free consultation today to see which of our laser facial hair treatments is best for you.

The Best Laser Hair Removal Clinics in the UK

Laser hair removal can be used all over the body, even the face. London Premier Laser provides the best laser hair removal services in the UK – with 14 years of experience in aesthetics and 9  clinics in London and Surrey, our range of treatments and expertise is unrivalled. The laser facial hair removal that we provide is for anyone and everyone.

Benefits of laser hair removal for facial and upper lip hair

A quick solution with long-lasting results

Laser treatments for facial hair are quick and effective, so it won’t take too much time out of your day. You can easily achieve long-lasting results, we recommend having about several treatments between 4-6 weeks apart. 

Hair removal from anywhere on the face

Our practitioners work with precision to remove hair from specific areas of your face. We can use laser to remove hair from the chin, upper lip, sideburns, forehead, temples, full face and half face (beard line for men)  and cheeks. Our treatments also reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs and are suitable for anyone with PCOS. Laser Hair Removal is far more effective, less painful and more cost-effective than alternatives such as shaving, waxing and epilating. Find out more about laser hair removal vs. replication here.

Cost-effective permanent hair reduction

Save money on shaving products for good with laser facial hair removal from London Premier Laser. Laser hair treatments are an investment that will mean you’ll never have to shave or wax again, saving you valuable time and money. Our treatments offer permanent hair growth reduction of up to 90%. Laser hair removal gives lasting results and is far more cost-effective than shaving, waxing and epilating

FDA-approved and safety-guaranteed

Laser facial and lip hair removal is completely safe. Our expert practitioners will give you full details of what to expect from your treatment during your consultation. Our machines, including the Candela Gentle Max Pro using NDYag & Alexandrite technology, are industry-leading and FDA-approved. This means they’ve passed intensive scientific testing and research to ensure they are safe. 

Facial hair removal for everyone and anyone

Our laser for facial hair treatments is suitable for everyone. We use the latest machines that are effective on all skin tones such as Dark skin, Asian skin and Indian skin types – we even offer male facial hair removal treatments. So, whatever your reason for seeking laser hair removal for facial hair, we’re on hand to help you feel like your favourite version of you.


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Laser treatments to make you feel safe in your skin

There are a few different causes of excessive facial hair growth, and we can tailor our treatments to suit your needs. Our goal is to give you results that make you feel comfortable and safe in your skin.

Our experienced staff are fully trained and ready to help any client remove unwanted facial hair. For example, if you have a certain medical condition that causes excessive facial hair growth or are transitioning from male to female and want to remove facial hair as part of a gender-affirming procedure – London Premier Laser is on hand to help you feel like the best version of you.

Book a Free Consultation to See Results for Yourself

Book a free initial consultation and patch test with one of our experts to discuss laser facial hair removal. We’ll be happy to give advice on laser facial hair treatments and discuss the process in detail to help answer any questions you may have. 

You can also look through our frequently asked questions on the main Laser Hair Removal page to get quick answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser hair removal for the face safe?

Laser hair removal on the face is just as safe as having laser hair removal on any other part of the body. With any laser treatment, goggles are worn by the client and practitioner for safety. Lasers used in reputable clinics are the same lasers used in hospitals and medical practices worldwide.

The Candela Gentlemax Pro is considered the best medical grade laser hair removal machine in the industry and has an FDA approval. This means it has passed rigorous scientific testing and research and is safe for use for laser hair removal.

Do your research and go to a clinic that uses top of the range lasers. Alternative Clinics using unbranded, cheap lasers don’t have the quality or safety assurance that you’ll need when having high-tech beauty procedures on your face. To guarantee the safest laser hair removal, always choose a reputable clinic. Today’s modern lasers are extremely powerful and, in the wrong, inexperienced hands, they may pose a risk to you. Find a highly-rated clinic that specialises in laser for the safest experience. For more information on our experienced staff, take a look at our Doctors! Note: doctors are only for injectables – not sure if we should say thois. Maybe Meet the team page rather than doctor.

Can laser hair removal remove facial and upper lip hair permanently?

Yes, laser hair removal treatments are the most effective way to get rid of facial and upper lip hair as the process destroys hair at the follicle. While results will vary by hair type, amount of sessions done and the aftercare process, speak to our medical practitioners today for a personalised treatment plan to get the best results. Find out more about laser hair removal treatments for men and transgender people here.

How many sessions are needed for facial and upper lip laser hair removal?

Typically the more sessions the better, particularly for thicker hair. As a standard we’d recommend 6 to 8 treatments per area as a minimum. Once you’ve had a free consultation to discuss the desired results and hair type, our expert team will discuss a personalised treatment plan with you.

Do I have to shave my upper lip before laser hair removal treatments?

Yes, you’ll need to shave the lip area before coming into our clinics for your laser appointment so that the laser technology can effectively reach the hair follicles beneath the skin. Although we’d recommend not shaving before the free consolidation to allow our expert team to see how thick your hair is.

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