Living life as your best, most authentic self takes courage and strength. No matter where you are in your journey of transition, take time to celebrate the beauty you own – inside and out. Unwanted hair, however, can often be a stubborn obstacle, and a source of great frustration. You can overcome it – with help from advanced laser hair removal.

For trans women particularly, unwanted hair often impedes a successful transition. Estrogen does not work to remove facial hair once it has developed during male puberty. As well, if you plan on having gender affirming surgery, you may need to remove hair from the genital area beforehand.

Shaving, tweezing and waxing are not only time-consuming (and painful!), they produce only temporary results. Laser hair removal delivers a permanent reduction in unwanted hair.

How does it work? We use advanced medical-grade lasers to carefully target the desired area. This area is cleansed and shaven in preparation for treatment. Your experienced practitioner will apply the laser to the skin via a handheld device. This may tingle a bit, but most people find it quite tolerable. We apply soothing aloe gel to help with this.

Laser hair removal is appropriate for all skin types, and during your consultation, your practitioner will discuss your unique needs. Within 6 – 9 sessions, most clients see exemplary results.

We understand that this procedure is sensitive; your practitioner is fully trained, experienced and most respectful of your needs, goals and privacy. This is one step in your journey, and we’ll ensure that it is comfortable, convenient – and, most of all, effective. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

*Individual results may differ.


Laser treatment affects hair in the active growth phase (anagen stage). The laser beam is made up of precisely controlled pulses of energy which are absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair and reaches into the active hair follicles that lie beneath the skin.

The energy heats the hair, right down to the bottom of the root, safely destroying it without damaging surrounding tissue or skin. At any one time, 90 per cent of follicles will be in the anagen phase, so a course of treatment is needed to ensure that all follicles are affected and will not produce any more hair.

Most people will need a course of between 6 and 8 treatments after which time the hair will appear visibly reduced and skin will be smooth and even.


Step 1


Book your free consultation online. Free patch test included.

Step 2


After a complimentary consultation and patch test, your expertly trained Premier Laser & Skin practitioner will prepare the area for treatment. This may include cleansing the area and shaving any hair. If you have any moles or tattoos in the area these will be covered, and you will be given eye protection goggles to wear.

Step 3


During the treatment, the laser device will be moved across the treatment area as it emits the laser energy into the skin. This can be slightly uncomfortable; lots of clients compare it to the sensation of an elastic band being lightly snapped against the skin.

Step 4


The area may appear slightly red and tender after treatment, although this will reduce very quickly. You will have a cooling aloe vera gel applied to the area to help cool and soothe the skin.


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laser hair removal face beforelaser hair removal face after
Laser Hair Removal armpit beforeLaser hair removal armpit after



The feeling can differ from client to client, however most people find the sensation slightly uncomfortable but not painful.


A patch test allows us to safely check your skin is suitable for Laser Hair Removal. Your skin will be assessed by your practitioner, and then laser will be applied to a small area to check for any reaction. Treatment will not commence until 24 hours after your patch test.

Our advanced laser technology allows us to treat most skin types by applying specific settings. This means your treatment will always be carried out in the safest, most efficient method.



Single Session 6 Sessions 8 Sessions
Earlobes £35 £140 £176
Eyebrows £35 £140 £176
Nose £35 £140 £176
Upper Lip £55 £220 £280
Cheekbones £55 £220 £280
Chin £55 £220 £280
Sideburns £55 £220 £280
Jawline £80 £320 £400
Neck £55 £220 £280
Upper Lip + Chin £80 £320 £400
Half Face/Beard £100 £400 £504
Full Face £125 £500 £632


Single Session 6 Sessions 8 Sessions
Toes £55 £220 £280
Peri-Anal £55 £220 £280
Feet + Toes £55 £220 £280
Bikini Line £55 £220 £280
Brazilian £80 £320 £280
Hollywood with Peri Anal £110 £440 £552
Buttocks £110 £440 £552
Lower Leg or thighs £120 £480 £600
Full Legs £200 £800 £1000


Single Session 6 Sessions 8 Sessions
Nipples £55 £220 £280
Hands & Fingers £55 £220 £280
Navel Pubis £55 £220 £280
Abdomen £100 £400 £504
Lower or Upper Arms £100 £400 £504
Shoulders £100 £400 £504
Chest £100 £400 £504
Full Arms £160 £640 £800
Full Back £160 £640 £800
Underarms £55 £220 £280


Single Session 6 Sessions
40% OFF!
8 Sessions
40% OFF!
Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Underarms £165 £594 £660
Lower Legs, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Underarms £278 £1,001 £1,112
Full Legs, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Underarms £329 £1,185 £1,316
Half Legs, Half Arms, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Navel Line & Underarms £406 £1,462 £1,624
Full Legs, Full Arms, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Buttocks, Navel Line, Underarms £450 £1,620 £1,800
Full Body Top to Toe £535 £1.926 £2,140


Single Session 6 Sessions
40% OFF!
8 Sessions
40% OFF!
Abdomen & Chest £165 £594 £660
Back & Shoulders £244 £879 £976
Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms £278 £1,001 £1,112
Back, Shoulders, Full Arms £329 £1,185 £1,316
Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arm £450 £1,620 £1,800
Full Body Top to Toe inc. Face £625 £2,220 £2,500
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