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Beard Shaping with Laser in London

Chosen by over 200,000 men, our laser hair removal services, including expert Beard Shaping, are renowned across 9 central London locations for reliability and excellence.

  • Precision Shaping: Unmatched beard design accuracy.
  • Time-Saving: Less frequent grooming is needed.
  • Skin Health: Reduces irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • Safe and Effective: Clinically proven, professional treatment.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces waste from disposable razors.
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How much does Beard Shaping Cost?

The prices displayed already include the discount offered. The discount is based on the single session price and is applied when you purchase this package.

All Laser Hair Removal Pricing Here

Prices shown have already been discounted. Discount reflects savings made on single session price when you purchase this package. Prices are valid at time of publishing and subject to change without prior notice. Discounts applied on courses. We also offer a direct debit option through Klarna which does not require a credit check. Payments can be split into 3 monthly instalments or pay in 30 days.

Beard Shaping with Laser

Looking to transform your unruly beard into a work of art with a touch of modern finesse? Look no further than Premier Laser & Skin Clinic. Our expertise in laser hair removal goes beyond simple hair removal; we specialise in the art of bear shaping. Let us guide you on this journey to achieve the perfect beard shape.

Why Choose Laser for Your Beard?

1. Precision Fit for a King:

Laser hair removal offers unparalleled precision. Want to sculpt your beard like the hedges of Hampton Court Palace? We’ve got you covered.

2. As Gentle as a British Summer Rain:

Forget the barbaric tugs of waxing or shaving. Our laser treatment is as gentle as a drizzle in July, ensuring a comfortable experience.

3. Long-Lasting, Like the Queen’s Reign:

Laser hair removal provides results that last longer than your average shave. It’s a commitment to excellence.

Our Process: A Royal Treatment

Consultation Over Tea:

Let’s start your journey towards the perfect bear-shaping with a conversation. We can chat over the phone or in person at one of our clinics (where we’ll even treat you to a cup of tea). This will help us understand your unique skin type and bear-shaping goals so we can work together to achieve the best possible results.

Customised Treatment Plan:

At Premier Laser & Skin Clinics, we understand that everyone is different. That’s why we create a personalised treatment plan that is tailored to your individual beard style and skin sensitivity. You can trust us to provide you with the care and attention you deserve.

The Laser Experience:

Our expert technicians utilise the latest laser technology to craft your beard to perfection. With precision and care, each follicle is treated to ensure it is as magnificent as a Beefeater’s march.

Aftercare Fit for a Gentleman:

Your skin deserves the best post-treatment care. We offer expert tips and high-quality products that will leave your skin feeling as smooth as a freshly ironed Savile Row suit. Don’t let your skin suffer from neglect – let us help you maintain its radiance and health.

Ready to Embark on Your Beard Shaping Adventure?

Unleash the gentleman in you by choosing the path of laser hair removal for beard shaping. Experience the art of crafting your beard into a masterpiece. Book your consultation today and take the first step towards a refined and sophisticated look.


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Benefits of Getting Beard Shaping with Us

  • Tailored services for all skin types, ensuring personalised care.
  • Utilisation of top-tier, safe, and effective technology for optimal results.
  • Professional and comforting experience provided by medically trained staff.
  • Our hair removal process is significantly less painful than traditional methods like waxing.
  • Unique advantage of not requiring hair regrowth between sessions.
  • Achieve a lasting reduction in hair growth, preventing excessive hair and ingrown hairs.
  • Long-term savings compared to frequent temporary hair removal methods.
  • Enjoy the feel of smoother and softer skin post-treatment.
  • Regular special deals to provide the best value and maximise savings.

Premier Laser & Skin was one of the first aesthetics clinics to provide laser hair removal for men and women. We have been the pioneer since 2008 and still continuing to increase our male customer base ever since. Find out more about getting laser hair removal on your back here.

We can also tailor-make the perfect package suited to your needs:

  • Men’s Hollywood – All pubic hair removed everywhere; front and back including buttocks – perianal plus genitals including the scrotum. Prices from £37.
  • Men’s Brazilian – Front pubic hair removal leaving a landing strip style of hair. Prices from £26.
  • Men’s Bikini Line – It covers the hair outside your swimming trunks, so your upper and inner thighs. Prices from £26.

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What People Say About Us:

I have been using Premier Laser Clinic for as far as I can remember. The staff are always brilliant, from reception to treatments. You can expect to be treated professionally and politely. Karina in particular has been an amazing support, she has helped me achieve the look I have wanted to for years and for anyone doubting it I can confirm laser hair removal really works! I have had complete success on my underarms and now we are working on my face. Having also previously referred my cousin she has had success on full body hair removal. Thank you to everyone that works here

-Jigna, Trustpilot

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shape a beard?

Laser hair removal shapes a beard by targeting and destroying hair follicles in specific areas to create a desired beard line or style. The process involves using concentrated light beams (lasers), which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This light energy is then converted to heat, damaging the hair follicles and inhibiting future hair growth.

How can I improve my beard shape?

Laser hair removal can help you achieve a well-defined beard shape. It requires multiple sessions and post-treatment care. Traditional grooming practices should also be followed. This method simplifies daily maintenance and results in a lasting beard style.

Can a beard shape your face?

Laser beard shaping is a cosmetic technique that sculpts your beard to complement your natural facial structure. By precisely targeting and removing hair, it creates clean, sharp lines and contours, altering the perceived length or symmetry of your face and, overall, enhancing your facial features. The result is a consistently groomed and refined look maintained over time without the need for daily upkeep.

How do I shape my beard under my chin?

Laser hair removal can shape your beard under the chin. Consult with a specialist to create a customised treatment plan. needs and wants.

Should you shape your beard as it grows?

Starting laser treatment early in the beard growth process can help you shape your beard style from the outset, targeting specific areas for hair reduction. This method reduces the need for frequent trimming and maintenance, leading to a consistently groomed appearance with minimal daily upkeep. Consult with our laser hair removal practitioner for tailored treatment to your beard’s growth pattern and desired style.

Is the beard shaping with laser permanent?

Laser hair removal can significantly reduce hair growth, and in many cases, it can be quite long-lasting. However, it’s not always 100% permanent. Some hair may eventually regrow, although it’s usually finer and lighter in colour. Periodic maintenance sessions may be necessary to maintain the desired beard shape.

How many sessions are needed to shape a beard with laser?

The number of sessions required varies depending on the individual’s hair type, colour, skin type, and the desired outcome. Multiple sessions (usually between 6 and 8) are typically needed, spaced several weeks apart, to effectively reduce hair growth and achieve the desired beard shape.

Is laser beard shaping painful?

Most clients experience minimal discomfort during laser hair removal. It’s often described as a quick, sharp sensation, similar to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. Cooling mechanisms can be used to enhance comfort.


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