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Category: Laser Pigmentation Removal

Say Bye to Your Pigmentation with Our Advanced Laser Treatment

All skin has some pigmentation; it’s what creates our natural skin colour and tone. But when that pigmentation changes in small areas it can create problems. Various factors cause pigmentation issues and the most common causes of hyperpigmentation (too much pigment) are sun exposure, skin damage and certain medical conditions such as Lupus and Rosacea.

What Type of Pigmentation Do You Have?

Pigmentation of the skin is a misleading phrase…when it’s problematic it is best referred to as hyperpigmentation, the hyper part of the word is describing the fact that there’s too much pigment in that area. All skin contains pigment…as does hair; this is what gives our skin its unique tone and colour. When damage or…

The Best Treatments to Beat Pigmentation

Searching for a treatment for skin pigmentation can feel like a never ending journey to those who are affected by this annoying condition. There are many “old wives” treatments and many over the counter creams and lotions which purport to successfully erase darker patches of skin but there are few treatments like this which will…

What Is Pigmentation and What Causes It?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Pigmentation literally means colouring and when we’re talking about skin pigmentation it includes the natural or irregular colouring which appears on the face or body. There are various disorders which affect skin pigmentation and they’re caused by different factors. Some severe skin pigmentation issues occur due to autoimmune conditions, hormonal changes and even shock;…

How to Remove Skin Pigmentation

What Causes Pigmentation? We’ve all got pigment in our skin…it’s what gives us our unique complexion and colouring…but some people have areas which are over-pigmented. This means they suffer from darker patches of skin which can be quite disfiguring and can cause sufferers to be self conscious; this can have a knock-on effect on enjoyment…

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