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The Best Treatments to Beat Pigmentation

Searching for a treatment for skin pigmentation can feel like a never ending journey to those who are affected by this annoying condition. There are many “old wives” treatments and many over the counter creams and lotions which purport to successfully erase darker patches of skin but there are few treatments like this which will have an effect for most people. The internet is full of so-called “miracle cures” which cost a lot of money and which are of questionable provenance…the best course of action is without a doubt to seek a professional opinion and embark on a course of treatment which will work. Some of the best treatments for pigmentation follow.


This treatment involves the application of thousands of tiny crystals which are “blasted” across the surface of the skin in a controlled fashion. Not unlike the idea of “sanding” the skin down it’s not as painful as it sounds! Most practitioners will use various means to dull down the slight tingling or scraping sensation felt. The treatment must be carried out by a professional as too much or too vigorous a treatment can actually cause new pigmentation to form due to damage. When applied properly microdermabrasion can be a very effective solution to various pigmentation problems including acne scarring.

Chemical Peels:

This is where a chemical preparation is used for taking off some of the upper layers of skin; usually glycolic acid mixed with other nutritious ingredients. The preparation is applied with a brush and when it is removed after a set amount of time, the skin will shed over a period of a few days. It is vital to use sun block after a chemical peel or more pigmentation may occur as the delicate, fresh skin which has been exposed will be very vulnerable.


Laser treatment has become extremely popular in recent years as due to various strides made with equipment and techniques, it is now very successfully used on a variety of problems and skin types. The laser light is used to “zap” unwanted skin cells…in this case the ones which are over-pigmented. The laser light “finds” the darker pigmented areas and destroys them without affecting the surrounding tissues. Laser pigmentation removal is not uncomfortable and after around 2-6 sessions most people will find a great improvement in their problem areas.


Intense Pulsed Light treatment, often shortened to IPL is a great treatment for those with lighter skin tones and it’s not quite the same as laser treatment. Instead of a direct beam of light, IPL utilizes multiple wavelengths to target larger areas.

The best course of action in the fight against pigmentation is to seek out advice from a qualified professional who will study your skin and advise on the treatment most suited to your skin type as well as the issue at hand. The equipment used in reputable clinics will be the best available and training will be regular and thorough so your issues can be resolved safely.

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