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How to Remove Skin Pigmentation

What Causes Pigmentation?

We’ve all got pigment in our skin…it’s what gives us our unique complexion and colouring…but some people have areas which are over-pigmented. This means they suffer from darker patches of skin which can be quite disfiguring and can cause sufferers to be self conscious; this can have a knock-on effect on enjoyment of social events or day to day life in general.

Skin pigmentation can be brought about by changes such as hormonal imbalances during pregnancy or due to over exposure to the sun. The facial area is the most likely place for over- pigmentation to occur and it can appear in a variety of guises. Some people find that “age spots” appear as they grow older…these are like freckles but larger; other people find that mysterious patches of brownish or reddish skin appear across their cheeks during pregnancy and sometimes they don’t disappear but remain to give the skin an uneven appearance.

If you have skin pigmentation which makes you feel self conscious, don’t despair! There are ways to get rid of these unsightly marks once and for all.

Before you seek treatment ensure that you have had the area checked by a doctor or dermatologist…all skin changes should be checked by a medical professional and once you are sure that there is nothing dangerous about the changes, you can seek to have them removed and your clear, healthy complexion returned!

Laser Therapy

Laser pigmentation removal can effectively remove skin pigmentation in a non invasive and pain-free way. Because laser therapy has become so refined, it is possible to treat almost any part of the body no matter how small or large the affected spot is and this is done without affecting the surrounding skin and tissue.

Laser light penetrates the skin and seeks out the darker pigmented areas…the light destroys the cells which are affected and they are harmlessly absorbed back into the body, leaving clear, blemish-free skin behind in its wake.

Pigmentation Facial Or Skin Lightening Peel

Skin lightening peels are a fantastic treatment for rejuvenating the skin where age spots or darker pigmentation is visible. Over a course of treatments, a special Alpha Hydroxy treatment is applied under clinical conditions; this removes a layer of skin and reveals the fresh, undamaged skin beneath. The treatment is not painful and the results are astounding.

Medical Microdermabrasion

With a diamond head and a unique serum, old, damaged skin is sloughed away and fresh, clear skin is left in its wake. Medical microdermabrasion is the removal of the upper skin layer by application of a special device which painlessly removes the top layer of your skin…encourages the production of collagen and gives you a fresher younger look in just one treatment. Some people choose to have a course of treatments to target scars, fine lines or red patches which have come about through acne.

With so many effective and affordable treatments on offer, you don’t need to suffer with skin pigmentation any longer. Whichever route is best for your skin will be up to you and your practitioner; a thorough examination and discussion will allow you to decide how to renew your complexion and bring it back to a clear, beautiful state.

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