You notice them every time you look in the mirror – they’re dark spots that just never seem to go away. A quick online search to learn more about what they are is likely to reveal two terms with which you may not be familiar – hyperpigmentation and melasma. What are these conditions, and which one are you fighting right now?

Hyperpigmentation is a fairly common skin condition. It affects millions of people across the globe each year. It’s completely harmless, but you’ll typically notice it right off. Patches of your skin become darker than normal in colour. It happens when too much melanin, a brown pigment that is typical in your body, creates as small deposit under the surface of the skin. The result is those uneven patches you notice in the mirror.

Hyperpigmentation comes in many different varieties, and melasma is one of those. Sometimes called chloasma spots, melasma involves large areas of darkened skin. It’s usually a direct result of hormonal changes. Pregnant women often notice them, as do women who are on birth control. Melasma patches can appear almost anywhere. Most people develop them on their cheeks, across their noses, on their chins, or on their upper lips. These patches might also appear on the forearms or the neck.

Treatment Options

Whether you’re suffering with melasma or another form of hyperpigmentation, you don’t have to deal with the discolouration. You do have options. Your best first option is to use better protection every time you head out into the sun. The sun will only make those discolourations appear darker. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen, and reapply frequently if you plan to be in the sun for some time.

Beyond that, though, you can even your skin tone with two of our top treatments – our Cosmelan Peel or our Laser Pigmentation Removal service.

  • Cosmelan is the leading depigmentation peel. It works to even out your skintone and remove all pigmentation. The treatment has an efficiency rate of up to 95% when treating pigmentation and dark spots.
  • Laser pigmentation removal uses wavelengths of light that shatters the discolouration and uses the body’s lymphatic system to remove them. You’ll see results within just a few sessions, and there are very few side effects.

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Fillers are injectables that you can use to do more than just smooth wrinkles. You can fill out a jawline, giving yourself a more striking look. You can broaden and even out your lips so you feel less self-conscious about your smile. You can treat dark circles under your eyes, an unhealthy look that plagues many. And if you do want to smooth your wrinkles out, you can utilise Anti-Wrinkle Injections to ease them away.

Jawline Filler

Having a defined and chiselled jawline is an aesthetic feature that many men are after, and lucky for you this is now achievable with Jawline Filler. Jawline filler can be used to make the jaw more pronounced or consistent, whether clean-shaven, with a bit of stubble, or to complement a handsome beard. Whether you’re looking to add more volume to your chin, or you want a more defined angle in your jaw, our Aesthetic Nurse & Doctor can help you get the look you want.

Evening Your Lips

Lips are the first place the eye goes when someone is speaking, or when someone is considering kissing someone else. They say a lot about what happens next. Sometimes, men struggle with asymmetrical lips. These can be evened out in a way that’s gradual and natural in appearance. There’s no harm in making another’s eyes linger.

Tear Trough

Bags or dark circles under the eyes can be addressed with fillers. These fill out areas that look sunken or diminished. This can be important in encouraging others to meet your own gaze, whether you need a boss to listen more carefully to you, or to feel more confident on a date. Eyes can be more expressive the more someone else is able to focus on them.

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables

This is a proved method to reduce wrinkles. Many men don’t want to completely eliminate age lines that communicate wisdom and experience, but they may want to reduce them so they are less pronounced. An Anti-Wrinkle IInjectionsplan can be modified for the precise amount of effect you want it to have. This allows you to get the exact look you’re going for, experienced enough to know what you’re doing, but still youthful and energetic.

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You have roughly three million sweat glands, and they’re across your body – in your armpits, around your groin, and even on the soles of your feet. Sweat is absolutely necessary to human life. It helps to cool your body on the hottest of days. It means you won’t overheat quite as quickly when you workout. It can also mean you detoxify your body and send salt back into your blood stream. What happens, though, when you don’t sweat like you should? What happens when sweat goes into overdrive?

Meet Hyperhidrosis

While some sweat is normal, if you’re sweating too much and it’s not related to the heat or any physical activity you’re doing, you may suffer from hyperhidrosis. It may pop up as you’re chatting with your boss about a new idea you had. It could appear as you’re getting ready to go out for the evening. Either way, it can cause both discomfort and social anxiety, and finding the right treatment is a must.

Won’t Antiperspirant Help?

Many people who deal with hyperhidrosis on a regular basis turn to antiperspirants initially to deal with the problem. Today, there are many prescription-strength versions on the market today that can help, but in most cases, the sweat is just too much for an antiperspirant to handle, and other treatments are absolutely key.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections As a Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) help to temporarily block the sweat glands in the targeted area which in turns stops them from sweating. The injections do not cause any harm to the body, and the results can last up to 9 months – making it the perfect summer treatment! The most common areas which people opt to have injections for excessive sweating is in their hands, feet and underarms.

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Dehydrated skin can be difficult to manage. It’s particularly frustrating when it changes your appearance, or makes you look a bit sickly. It’s one of the hardest traits to cover up because it doesn’t just arise from a surface blemish, but from the very condition of your skin.

Keep Hydrated

Your body can only use what you take into it. If you’re always thirsty, you’re always dehydrated. Dehydration doesn’t just occur when you have so little water your life is threatened. It also includes those who simply don’t drink enough water on a regular basis. This can have both short- and long-term health effects.

Keeping hydrated will allow your body to keep your skin more hydrated. The benefits don’t just stop there. Developing a good habit of keeping hydrated can also improve your breath, ease cramps, reduce fever and chills, help you control your appetite, improve your immune system, and reduce the frequency of headaches.

This said, many people who drink plenty of water still struggle with dry skin and dry scalp. This can come down to genetics, but there are treatments that can help.


HydraFacial is a non-invasive treatment that is actually very comfortable and soothing. It can be superior in many ways to certain alternatives because you can see the result immediately. You don’t need to wait for anything to take hold or wear off. The process refreshes skin, and it’s especially useful for skin that’s dehydrated, oily, or both.

A HydraFacial cleanses your skin and exfoliates it. Bits of dirt, grime, and grit are extracted, avoiding further damage to your skin that they can cause. Your skin is also hydrated and provided antioxidant protection.

One of the biggest benefits is that this can hydrate your skin and tone it while still maintaining its elasticity.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

“Acid” can be a frightening word. Some acids can dissolve metal, whereas eggs, meat, and nuts contain acids that are quite safe to digest. Acids cover a wide range of possibility. Hyaluronic acid is a gentle acid that includes a humectant, or a moisture-binding ingredient.

Hyaluronic acid is a popular ingredient for many skincare products including serums and moisturisers. Hyarluonic acid is an all rounder ingredient, and can really help if your skin is dehydrated. At Premier Laser & Skin, we have an extensive range of skincare brands, some of which include amazing products containing this superstar ingredient. To find out more about our product ranges, pop by one of our clinics today!


Laser hair removal is a very efficient process. It doesn’t work the same for everyone, though. Many people need multiple treatments. This is because we all have different hair growth rates, patterns, and density. Our hair pattern changes throughout our lives because our bodies are changing throughout our lives. A few treatments will be able to achieve the smoothness and sleekness you want, but the precise number will vary by person and hair pattern.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal works by focusing on the pigment in the hair in the skin. The pigment is targeted by the laser, heating and eliminating it. Used in laser hair removal, it eliminates the hair follicle below the surface of the skin. This is safe – there’s no burning or blistering involved.

Why This Means Multiple Treatments

This said, hair is constantly growing. This means you regularly have hair follicles that are dormant. They’ll become active anywhere from a month to two months later, which is why a course of treatment is necessary rather than a single one.

A single treatment will only address the follicles that are active at the moment, leaving the dormant ones alone. When those dormant ones activate, they’ll grow just like normal. Your active and dormant follicles are right next to each other, so to properly remove unwanted hair from an area, you’ll need to visit again when you can get those newly active follicles zapped!

Safe Treatment for Darker Skin

Be aware that different skin composition can present different challenges. Because lasers target by the colour they’re seeking, pigment levels in skin can change the type of laser we use, the efficiency of the process, and the most suitable course of laser hair removal treatment. We have to be careful with darker skin so that it isn’t scarred or lightened where the laser targets, whereas there’s more contrast between lighter skin and hair follicles. For this reason, we have different lasers in our clinic to treat different skin and hair types.

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Stretchmarks are most commonly caused by changes in weight and pregnancy, occurring when your skin stretches quickly. They can appear white in colour, or sometimes red and can occur anywhere on the body. If they are unsightly and you feel self conscious, there is a solution; a technique called microneedling.

Microneedling is a way of stimulating your body’s healing processes. This heals skin naturally. It makes sense that you might be wary of the idea of subjecting yourself to hundreds of micro wounds, but microneedling is a safe way to use your own body’s natural response to get rid of stretch marks.

Each micro injury that’s created results in your body enacting a healing process. This process increases your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. These naturally fight the look of ageing and improve the tone of your skin. It’s been used to remove scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and shrink pores, and get rid of stretch marks. There are a few different approaches that are useful:

Ultracel RF Microneedling: This combines radio frequency microneedling with high intensity, focused ultrasound. The “RF” in ultracel RF microneedling stands for the radio frequency microneedling device that delivers heat, tightening deeper layers of skin and not just the surface layer. The high intensity ultrasound is precisely focused to stimulate the growth of collagen.

Infini RF Microneedling: This is a precise technology where you can customise treatments in a very exact way. It also takes advantage of radio frequency microneedling to heat and tighten deeper layers of collagen. It’s very useful for eliminating wrinkles and scars for those with darker or more tanned skin tones.

Dermapen Microneedling: Dermapen microneedling is ideal for a course of treatment designed to repair deep wrinkles, scars, and blotches. It’s the most prolific microneedling approach and is suited for a broad range of skin tightening and tone improvement.

Remember, microneedling is safe and painless. It heals skin naturally and is an ideal way to take years off your look. It can help with imperfections as precise as very fine wrinkles, or as broad as stretch marks. Different types of microneedling and courses of treatment are ideal for different people who are looking for it to solve different problems. London Premier Laser can help you figure out the approach that will best help you heal scars, achieve a younger look, or get rid of stretch marks.

You want to look your best when you’re preparing for your wedding. There are a number of treatments that can help you achieve your best look. Each comes with particular strengths, depending on your goal. The best approach is to coordinate with a single clinic that can help you form a precise plan of action. This ensures that each treatment agrees with and enhances the last one, so you get just the right amount of what’s right for you.


A HydraFacial is an incredibly effective way to rejuvenate your skin. It combines multiple processes: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and protection. Its major benefits are that it’s a comfortable and even refreshing process. There’s also no downtime for the treatment to take effect, however you will feel a tightness in your skin within the week following the treatment whilst your skin renews.

The Hydrafacial is a great all rounder treatment which can tone out even the finest of lines, and is especially useful if you’re dealing with oily skin. The treatment will leave you skin looking plumper and firmer, and because it’s a soothing and non-invasive treatment, your skin maintains its elasticity.

Carbon Spectra

The carbon spectra is a treatment involves a gentle cleansing of your skin before carbon lotion is massaged over your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. A laser is then applied over the carbon. This warms the tissues beneath your skin gradually, enhancing your body’s natural collagen production.

The entire process takes about 20 minutes. Then your face is washed with a cleanser and sunblock is applied (to protect the refreshed skin). It’s a relaxing process focused on balancing the skin tone and minimising pores.


The Ultracel combines radio frequency and ultrasound together. This allows precise targeting of deep collagen layers. Ultracel’s unique combination heats up collagen in a safe and comfortable way. This stimulates the way collagen grows. The benefit of this approach rests in how it uses your body’s own natural collagen response to firm, tighten, and tone skin.


Dermapen involves microneedling. That may sound a little scary, but it’s perfectly safe and clinically proved. Dermapen accesses and promotes collagen growth and the body’s natural repair process. This can help to smooth out wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. A full course of treatment can rejuvenate your body. It’s not just for facial use, but can be utilised on almost any area.

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables & Fillers

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are one of the most proved technologies for smoothing wrinkles. They are an injectable that blocks nerve signals to particular muscles. Areas with wrinkles will relax and appear smoother. It’s used chiefly on wrinkles and smile lines.

Dermal Fillers on the other hand can help to fill wrinkles and smooth them out. They can also be used to replace lost volume, contour the face and plump the lips. These are two similar yet distinct solutions for eliminating wrinkles.

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You’re walking out the door. You do that mental check you do every time. Do you have your keys, your phone, your wallet or purse? You might check for your Travel card, a snack, or for your compact – the things that get you about your day. These are the basics, but especially during the summer months there’s something you might forget: sunscreen. Why is it so important, and why should you prefer a higher SPF?

The Benefits and Risks of Sun Exposure

Sunscreen blocks harmful ultraviolet rays that come from sunlight. This doesn’t mean sunlight is harmful – we get that question sometimes. Sunlight is actually terrific for your body. It helps you produce Vitamin D, which is crucial for almost every facet of your health. It also has a profound psychological effect, and can help your mood and sleep patterns.

However, there are UV rays in sunlight that its important to protect your body from. These UV rays are a factor in types of cancer. This is where sunscreen comes in. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Not only can it block harmful UV rays, it can also prevent you from getting sunburn. SPF ranges from as little as 2 to as much as 70. What does this mean?

How to Estimate SPF Need

If you burn in the sun after 10 minutes unprotected, an SPF of 15 may suit you for about 150 minutes (2 hours, 30 minutes). It doesn’t hurt to over-estimate your need. There’s no harm in using sunscreen with a higher SPF than you might need. If you expect to be outside for several hours at a time this summer, apply sunscreen to any areas that will see significant sunlight. An SPF 50 is generally regarded as a good, all-around solution for a day out in the sun. Sunscreen can wash off in a pool, so re-apply when you get out – especially if you plan to tan. You can go with something lower if you’re only outside for a half hour at a time or so.

UV rays are still harmful during the winter, we just don’t typically spend as much time outside during the colder months. In fact, bright snow can reflect UV rays and amplify your exposure to them. For this reason, if you’re outside for a long time during the winter it’s important to use sunscreen with a high SPF.

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We are delighted to have been featured in Transliving Magazine as a key part in the lovely Alana’s transition story. Transgender Laser Hair Removal has been life changing for Alana, a key step in her journey to becoming her true self.

“I had been really dysphoric about my facial hair for the longest time,  and as I have just started transitioning recently it is one of the things that need to be taken care of as soon as possible. When I heard about Premier Laser & Skin Clinic and their affordable services, I decided it was the perfect time to give it a go. I visited the clinic in Soho for the first time and was greeted with welcoming smiles.”

Alana then continues the feature with her review of Laser Hair Removal for the face, the results she has achieved so far and how she found working with the specialist team at Premier Laser & Skin Soho.

“(My practitioner) talked to me throughout the whole treatment telling me where she was going with the laser device, which helped to make me feel less anxious. I felt a fair bit of pain on my chin and upper lip area as that’s where my hair is most stubborn. Other than that the pain was minimal. It took less than two weeks to notice differences in hair growth on my face.”

“Based on my experiences so far I would very much recommend this clinic to friends because of the effectiveness of the services, their efficiency in delivering their services, and the affordable interest free finance plans! I went in hoping to find a solution regarding the mental discomfort I was going through with respect to my facial hair and general self expression, and I can say that the team at Premier Laser & Skin clinic resolved that issue for me. Thank you very much!”

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Lipotripsy is a non-invasive treatment that can tone skin and eliminate cellulite. It’s been clinically proved to reduce the marbling pattern that cellulite gives skin. Problem areas can be identified where skin appears to have texture that’s similar to a ripe fruit peel, such as an orange or grapefruit. Lipotripsy is the technique that’s best suited to improve these areas and smooth them.

How Lipotripsy Works

Lipotripsy works by producing radial waves with a probe placed on the surface of your skin. These are waves that emanate from the point of application through the skin. They assist the lymphatic system by flushing fat into it. Your body’s lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that rid the body of toxins and wastes. For instance, it absorbs fatty acids and fats from the digestive system, and then transports them. As radial waves are produced, they also stimulate collagen, which can help to tighten skin.

What a Session is Like

A lipotripsy session might feel like an in-depth massage where the probe is applied to skin. It’s painless and usually feels pleasant, like a vigorous massage. Your muscles may feel more relaxed afterward. The desired effect can’t be achieved in a single session, and requires a course of treatment for best results. We usually recommend up to 10 sessions for optimum results depending on the individual. Your expert practitioner will be able to recommend the right amount of treatments for you during your free consultation.

Lipotripsy is a safe, non-invasive, and proved approach to re-toning body areas where cellulite has become apparent. The most popular areas to treat include the thighs, arms, buttocks and stomach.