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How Can I Remove My Eye Bags?

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Unwanted extra baggage or “pouches” beneath your eyes can cause you to look permanently tired. Attracting unwelcome comments of ‘you look tired?’ or ‘are you ok, you look sad?”. When you catch your reflection you don’t recognise the ‘stranger’ staring back. This isn’t fair as you feel great and full of energy on the inside, but your outward appearance tells the world a different story.

Do eye bags go away?

Eye bags are one of the banes of many people lives. They may have occurred through ageing where the tissue and muscles supporting your eyes weaken, as collagen and elastin breakdown, and skin starts to sag. With fat moving to the space below your eyes and retaining fluid your eyes can look swollen and puffy. Ageing is not the only cause of eye bags, they can also be a result of:

  • Lifestyle
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Sun damage
  • Allergies

Sometimes eye bag appearance may be temporary. They may be improved by a good, toxin free diet, more hydration and sleep. If you have a predisposition to eye bags then you may need to look at more permanent methods of improving them.

eye bag before and afterhow do you permanently get rid of eye bags without surgery?

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and thin. It doesn’t repair itself as easily as other parts of the face and so it needs to be taken care of. Because most of us want to look fresh, bright and healthy any effective treatment which can rejuvenate the area is going to be an attractive option. Blepharoplasty or surgery around the eyes will require 10-14 days of hiding away and downtime.

Surgery can cost around £3,500. There are other effective options available.

can you laser undereye?

You may not want the costs, risks and longer recovery time associated with eye surgery. So what are the non surgical alternatives?. There are two non surgical options that are extremely popular. Lasers and fillers. There are two types of laser treatments for eye bags. They are called ablative and non ablative.

  • Ablative laser treatments treats the outer surface of the skin directly. It involves rejuvenation by removing the top off layer of skin. It has a longer recovery time as your body has to heal the ‘wound’ created and carries a greater risk then non ablative laser treatment.
  • Non ablative laser treatments treat the layers below the surface. It works from the inside out. Ablative laser treatments work in the opposite way.

laser treatment for baggy eyes

The most common non ablative laser treatment is called Sublative Rejuvenation. It is perfect for pulling up the under eye area without any surgery. Sublative refers to the micro ”sub ablation” fractional holes it causes in the upper layers of the skin using an electrode attached to a handheld device.

best laser for under eye bags

Under eye laser Sublative Rejuvenation for eye bags is one of the most effective methods for brightening the under eye area and encouraging the growth of new collagen. Sublative rejuvenation is growing more popular every year. It can achieve the same results you get with more aggressive laser treatment without the lengthy downtime associated with aggressive ablative treatments.

How it works

This non-invasive treatment uses fractionated bi-polar energy (laser) to penetrate below the skin and to stimulate collagen production. The treatment helps stimulate the re-growth of cells. As the skin is targeted with the laser, the connective tissue where skin is joined to muscle is also lifted and tightened. The end results are a natural, youthful appearance with no stretched or unnatural look to it whatsoever.

Is it painful + costs

Because the treatment is very precise and controlled it is not painful and those undergoing it will not feel any pain…it’s a safe and effective treatment for all skin types too. Treatments take around an hour to complete and most people are extremely pleased with the instant result.

Prices start from £208 per session

eye bags before and aftertear trough fillers

Another option for eye bags are tear trough fillers. They can provide transforming results in less then 10 minutes. Fillers do not add volume to the bags themselves, as this could can make surface bags worse. Instead filler is used to restore volume, creating a smoother transition between the eye and cheek area. It can even out dark, puffy eyes. The lift filler provides volume and reflects light instead forming dark shadows that can make dark puffy eyes appear even darker. Fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid. This is naturally produced by the body and tolerated well. Treatments should only be carried out be an experienced, qualified medical practitioner to reduce the risk of leaving visible lumps. If the skin sags significantly surgery may be the only answer.

eye bags treatment London

We would urge you to do your research before booking any consultation and give yourself time to think about the options available. If you live in London near one of our 9 clinics then why not book an appointment today to speak to one of our friendly expert advisers.

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