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10 Acne Inducing Habits We All Do

Acne is one of those things which can be hereditary and which can also be partly caused or exacerbated by the lifestyle choices we make. There are many bad habits which we’re all guilty of which can make your acne far worse than it needs to be and which with a bit of planning and grit, can be done away with. If you’re serious about improving your acne and perhaps even ousting it for good then read on to learn the 10 worst acne inducing habits which we’re all guilty of at some time.

Nasty ingredients in makeup!

There are some ingredients in makeup which you need to watch out for. If you’ve got acne prone skin then your face won’t thank you if you slather it with products containing Lanolin for instance. Whilst Lanolin can be great for dry skin, it’s not great for oily, acne prone skin at all. Another nasty is the otherwise harmless petroleum which is basically oil…you don’t need more oil! Also keep a watchful eye for artificial colours and fragrances…they’re harsh, unnatural and will potentially cause breakouts.


A common mistake which many acne sufferers make is to slap on the toner in the mistaken belief that it will calm down that oiliness and “dry out” the spots. It won’t. It will irritate your skin and cause too much dryness which in turn will cause an imbalance in your skin and cause more pimples. Use water to close your pores after you’ve cleansed your face!

Keep your hands to yourself!

That’s right…stop touching your face! Hands are dirty little things and constantly rubbing your nose, holding your cheeks or even touching your face whilst talking on the phone can all make your acne worse. Keep your hands clean and avoid playing with your face!

Stressing out.

When we’re stressed, our bodies produce hormones which make acne worse. It’s hard to keep a handle on stress when you’re actually in a worrisome situation or are working hard but introducing some relaxation techniques to your life could really help you to lower those stress levels and reduce the acne.

Dirty sheets!

Yuk right? Your sheets and pillowcases are teeming with dirt and bacteria…everyone’s are. It’s a fact of life that bed linen is a haven for germs so change it often and stick to natural fibres. Your face is right next to your pillowcase for hours every night so change it as often as you can.Three times a week is ideal but ifyou can’t manage that then turn it over!

Hair products.

Many shampoos and conditioners are full of oils, plasticizers and silicones and these things really clog up pores. Your hair is on your face and your pillow regularly and those ingredients transfer themselves. Try to use organic, natural hair products where possible

Dirty makeup brushes!

Clean them every week. Like your hands and your sheets they’re teeming with germs and if you could see what’s living on there right now, you’d think twice before rubbing them all over your face!


Just don’t do it. Smoking is proven to make acne worse and it’s also proven to cause adult acne. Give it up today and watch your skin wake up!

Not keeping to a good routine.

We should all be removing our makeup properly at night and if you don’t wear makeup you still need a good cleansing routine. Keep your skin happy, clean and healthy….every day!

You are what you eat.

Eating foods which are processed or high in refined sugar is terrible for your skin. Chips, crisps, white bread and fried foods will all play havoc with your skin so eat clean.

These bad habits are so common; everyone must be guilty of them at some time in their lives but if you’ve got acne prone skin and want it to be clear then you just can’t afford to indulge in bad habits. Reverse the signs of acne and change your life for the better today!


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