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Beat Acne With These Surprisingly Killer Tips

Acne is a very common skin condition amongst teenagers and young adults, which could even continue for many years. Skin glands naturally release sebum that offers protection to your face and body. However, too much of this being produced during puberty can block pores in the skin, creating irritation and the development of acne. During this time, a boost of testosterone will occur in men and women, increasing their growth and making them sweat more. This can then make the skin more likely to get blocked with excessive sebum, likely to create the acne we all hate so much.

There are many myths that have been circulating, claiming that factors such as poor hygiene and diet have a direct influence on acne when actually, it does not. Acne is mostly caused by hormonal changes and it sometimes doesn’t matter what someone eats when they are suffering with this skin condition, however eating well is always advised for a healthy lifestyle.

According to “Acne Treatment”, 80% of 11-30 year olds are affected by acne. This figure is huge and it proves how common yet frustrating it is. Many people could be comforted by the fact many others have this skin problem too however, it doesn’t make having it easier to manage.
The most common places acne occurs on the body is the face primarily, along with the chest and back, making 92% with acne feeling depressed. We can certainly see why with these figures.
Thankfully, people will see a 50% improvement 3 months after starting treatment or looking for alternative ways to improve their skin.

If you are an individual suffering from acne, we know how you feel. This is why we have a guide and great tips for women and men on how to help your acne prone skin.

Clean Your Make-up Brushes

Teenage girls and women can notice more spots developing when they are ovulating, making the combination all the more uncomfortable. Not looking great or feeling great can run your whole week, making you go to drastic methods of getting rid of your spots which can damage your skin permanently.
There are many different types of products available that can battle your skin issues without ruining your skin however, for these to work; you need to eliminate any problems you could be causing too.
Here are some tips for women on how to take care of your acne.

The first problem is such a simple one which can completely transform the way your skin looks.
Buying a brilliant foundation is one of the first steps for women and secondly, it’s about what type of brush they’ll use to apply it. Whether it’s a stippling, flat or round, many women can forget to wash their makeup brushes.

If you have spent money on quality products, perfect for your skin type, this can completely be ruined if you don’t clean your brushes. Imagine if you never cleaned your face? There would be a horrendous build up of bacteria, which can make your acne ten times worse.

So why don’t people think washing brushes is important? Well, that’s probably because we think that if the makeup used is high quality, it all ends there. Unfortunately you could be spreading dried up, bacterial filled, old makeup around with a fresh pump of it too, taking away the quality and also making it less likely to last on your skin throughout the day.
That’s even before mentioning the state of the brush itself. Over time, bristles can be ruined, making them fall out. After spending money on a brush, you won’t be getting the right use out of it that you should.

Instead, get a simple shampoo with a scent you like and wash them after 1-2 uses. To speed up the process,  you can thoroughly clean the brushes while you are in the shower and afterwards, pop them on a towel or by your window to dry. Done!

Invest In Blotting Papers

Another tip is to invest in some great blotting papers. These will come in little packages, easy to store in your handbag when you’re on the go.

It’s not great when you’re about to sit in a class or attend an important meeting, feeling your face soak up with oils. It can make you super self-conscious, taking away your concentration. You can’t always dash off to a bathroom, removing your makeup and going through your whole skin routine again, so this is why blotting papers step into the equation.

Many are available are lightly scented, taking away unwanted smell the oil could bring to your face and you can discover ones perfect for your skin type. Ranging from different prices, it’s always a good idea to do your research on which ones are available in your local shops and how many you can afford to buy if they become a regular purchase.

Use Oil-Free Make-up and Skincare

Have a think about your make-up. Have you bought it because of the amount of bloggers raving about it? This happens for many products, being picked up and reviewed by our favourite faces, creating a huge temptation to buy it for ourselves.

However, you will need to take into consideration that everyone’s skin is completely different. Foundations that make someone else’s skin smooth could make yours.

Instead, visit a make-up counter and ask around for what products and formula could suit your skin the best. If you want to spend a little more money on high-end products, you could always ask for a sample to try it out for the day before you pop your card in the machine. Explain your needs and how your skin changes throughout the day and more often than not, an expert will be able to point you in the right direction. This way, you’ll save money by not having to buy many different products at random to try and find your perfect match.

Try Natural Ingredients

Trying natural ingredients can also work wonders for your skin if you’re unsure about using chemicals. Honey is a brilliant way to clear your spots, so at night, apply a little bit to the affected area and wait for it to work its magic or apply for a nourishing face mask, mixed with a little yoghurt to thicken the consistency.

Another brilliant natural remedy for acne is tea tree oil and it’s very popular, starting to occur much more in products over the years. With this ingredient, you can build up the layers you put on your skin, depending on the size of the spot. For people with sensitive skin, try using only a little bit so it doesn’t irritate too much or look for this in a product targeting people with irritable skin.

If you want something that can bring quicker results (because don’t we all?!) then opting for an Anti Acne Treatment could be right up your street. This treatment reduces the oiliness in your skin yet doesn’t take away any hydration. This acts as a gentle peel, removing the badly affected areas which worsen your skin, leaving a smoother surface instead.

If you are looking for something with natural elements but also something that is a fast, quick-acting treatment, The Herbal Green Peel could be an excellent alternative.
With ingredients that have been used for over 50 years in 43 countries, this treatment will improve the look of large pores, clean oily skin and will treat acne and scarring, too.

Acne can be a completely different story for men, with different reasons being the cause of inflammation.

If you are a teenage boy or a young male adult, sports and keeping fit can be a hobby of yours, which is great! Keeping your body in shape during development is a great way to keep your mood on the up by releasing endorphins and it will make you feel great about yourself. But when things have positives, they can also have a few negatives.

Wash Your Skin After Exercise

Exercise causes our bodies to sweat, by taking the energy out we put into our bodies through food, and when you are prone to acne break outs, this is bad news. Clogging your pores on your face and your back can bring on many spots, proving difficult to get rid of. However, there is a great way to prevent this from happening.

If you have had a visit to the gym or worked out at home, make sure you wash your face and back afterwards. Buy a face cloth and a back scrubber to team with your acne products. Using two separate materials to clean parts of your body can stop cross contamination, since spots can occur both on the face and the back for young men. If you don’t have spots on your back, you could create if using the same sponge or cloth and you definitely don’t want that!

Use Non-Alcohol Based Products

Also, when you’re out and about, take a look at the different products available for your skin type. Try and stick to non-alcohol based products, This way, your skin will not dry out unnecessarily, making your skin want to fight back and release even more oil. You may think that drying out your face is the obvious answer but it can backfire, irritating your skin and bringing more problems.

Use Tea-Tree Oil On Spots

Tea-tree isn’t just a brilliant ingredient for women. It can be excellent for young men, too. Applying small amounts on spot prone areas at night can really help get your day off to a good start when you wake up and see the redness has decreased. Many tea-tree oil products are inexpensive and could be something that overall helps your acne.

Yet if you wanted a treatment that is easy and effective, a Microdermabrasion could be the answer for you. With men a lot less likely to use make-up as a cover-up after acne, you will need something that can reduce the pigmentation the spots bring to your skin.

With this special treatment, it uses an exfoliation technique combined with serums to penetrate damaged skin, making acne scarred skin smoother and less noticable.

Ask The Experts

The last acne tip for men which applies to women is to ask the experts. People who work in dermatology know about specific ingredients and they’ll also know how you can combine different products to achieve your best skin. Sometimes, teaming one product with the other can cause the ingredients to react negatively, wasting money and making your skin worse.

Instead, visit a clinic, by booking a free consultation with one of our qualified dermatologists here to see which treatments could be the best option for your skin, to get you on the road to better looking skin and boosted self-confidence.


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