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10 benefits of dermal fillers

10 benefits of dermal fillers
Dermal fillers can be used for many purposes. Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, contouring your face, giving your lips a fuller look or revitalising skin.
If you are considering to have dermal filler but not sure about if it for you, this guide is just for you! We’ve listed the top 10 benefits of dermal fillers. After reading our guide if you still have any questions you can contact our clinics and book a consultation with our expert doctors and nurses.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

1. There is no downtime with dermal fillers

One of the main reasons our clients prefer dermal fillers to any other anti-ageing treatment is that there is no downtime after the treatment. The main procedure is also quite quick and you are free to go back to your daily activities as soon as your treatment is completed. If you don’t have the time to go through long treatment or operations, dermal fillers are just for you.
Alternative procedures usually cause skin irritations, bruising or pain after your treatment. But with dermal fillers, you can never tell that you’ve just left the doctors room.
The only thing we would like you to avoid is make up right after your treatment. And that is due to the puncture that’s been left from the needle needs to be kept sterilised. But as soon as the needlepoint is recovered, you can apply to make up to your skin as well.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

2. You can decide what results you want with dermal fillers

On invasive anti-ageing treatments such as surgeries, you cannot always decide on your results. Your body can have a different response to the treatment than you would expect. And it is rather on your doctor’s hands to deliver the exact results you are after.
With dermal fillers, you are more of a part of the treatment process. You can choose how much mil of filler you want and where do you want it to effect.
Then you are in the safe hands of our doctors and nurses for the best results.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

3. Dermal fillers build your self-confidence up

We are all beautiful in our skin. But sometimes we might have little things that we would feel shy about. Perhaps it can be your thin lips or the fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin reminding you about the time. Many of our clients realise boost on their confidence after having their dermal fillers. More kissable lips and younger-looking face. It will definitely make you feel better.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

4. With dermal fillers you can get rid of your scars

One of the biggest advantages of dermal fillers is that they improve the appearance of scars. You might have tried different things to get rid of your facial scars. Maybe you tried to cover with makeup or you tried painful and long treatments to get rid of them. But dermal fillers might just be the answer for you.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

5. Dermal fillers give you a younger-looking skin

As we grow older, our skin loses its collagen and the fat on some areas move down under the skin. This causes us to lose the plumpness of our skin. Dermal fillers can help you to restore the plumpness you lost over the years and leaves you with a younger-looking face.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

6. You can choose to get subtle results with dermal fillers

If it is your first time getting dermal fillers and you don’t want to have a major change, you can inform your doctor or nurse and they will be able to decrease the level of your dermal injections. For example, you can choose 0.5 mil fillers instead of 1 mil ones. This way you can have a gradual change in your appearance and have more subtle results.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

7. Immediate results with dermal fillers

Most of us start to use anti-ageing creams in our late 20s. It starts giving us the necessary head start while fighting with the visible effects of years. However anti-ageing creams require consistent everyday use and they provide a very little effect in such a long period of time.
Dermal fillers, on the other hand, give you the instant results you are looking for. It usually takes around a week for your optimum results but you get immediate results from your treatment even with the most subtle injection.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

8. Unlike surgery, there is no recovery time with dermal fillers

Plastic surgery is usually preferred by clients who are looking for more dramatic results in terms of anti-ageing. The results are more visible and can last longer than dermal fillers. However, the recovery time usually takes weeks. And you also may not want to go through anaesthetics and the aftercare the surgery requires.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

9. With dermal fillers you are the same person, just your better self

One of the other main reason our clients prefer dermal fillers over more invasive treatments is that dermal fillers don’t change your face. Your mimics, your facial qualities will stay the same. And there will only be an improvement on your looks. If you are looking for anti-ageing fillers, you are not going to start looking like someone else. You will get back to your look on your older pictures.

10 benefits of dermal fillers

10. You are in safe hands with our dermal filler experts

Our dermal fillers are only performed with industry leading professionals. All our doctors and nurses have many years of experience with dermal fillers and they will make sure to get you the best results! You are always in safe hands with our experts.
If you are looking to get more information about dermal fillers or want to book an appointment, contact us today. Become the best version of yourself.


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