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3 Simple Tricks to Pause the Ageing Process

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s a lot of nonsense spoken about the ageing process these days; be it the purists who say that ageing “gracefully” is the only way to do it (since when did crow’s feet ever look graceful or ageing hands?) or the hardcore anti-ageing brigade who believe that we should all be as smooth and blemish-free as a doll even if achieving it means eating nothing but guava fruit and macaroni….however, it should be remembered that the best road to take is somewhere in between the two!

Let’s face it, we all want to look young for as long as possible and there are certain things we can do to ensure that this is a possibility…and looking  young it should be remembered is synonymous with good health so that’s where we should all begin! The three tricks you’re about to read aren’t magic, they’re not even secret…they’re so obvious that you may even doubt their ability to change anything about you ageing process…but you’d be wrong! If you take the time to make these three small changes to your lifestyle then within two weeks, you will see a physical difference.

skincare and ageing

Water is life!

That’s right…water is the key and the most important of the three steps to slowing down the ageing process. We’re made up of all kinds of stuff…cells and whatnot…but the majority of us is plain, simple water. Around 60% of an adult is water…and how much of that do you honestly drink on a daily basis? Be honest now…do you manage a small glass with breakfast? Perhaps you take a bottle with you to bed for those attacks of “sand-mouth” syndrome which we’re all prone to now and then? Whatever your answer you can be almost certain that it’s not enough.

The average adult drinks about a litre of fluid per day…that’s fluid and not necessarily water. Most people’s day-to-day drinking habits include, tea, coffee, fruit juice, milk and alcohol…and very little pure water. If you were to switch the majority of that fluid to plain, filtered water then you’d be on the way to pausing the ageing process within days.

Men should drink 2 litres of water per day and women 1.6 litres per day.
Water doesn’t only flush your body of toxins and help keep your digestive system running smoothly but it also plumps up the skin. Quite literally fills the dermis with moisture giving a smoother appearance and diminishing fine lines. Not only does water improve your appearance but it also helps to stop headaches, muscular tension and there’s evidence to suggest that many sufferers of chronic back pain are simply dehydrated.

So up your water intake as the first step in your battle against the years!


There’s a lot of talk of vitamin D deficiency lately…and of the return of rickets! These maladies are blamed on a lack of exposure to sunshine and the vitamins which it provides…and certainly there’s a need for humans to be exposed to plenty of natural light on a daily basis. However it should not be forgotten that unlimited sun ages the skin terribly.

Rather like leather being cured in the great outdoors, our facial skin and the delicate skin on necks, hands and chests will wrinkle up and become tough and leathery if we don’t take sensible steps to prevent this!. Wear sunscreen and a hat if you’re going to be outdoors for any length of time and always avoid the midday sun when those rays are at their most dangerous!

Keeping fit and fabulous!

Whether you enjoy exercise or not there’s no arguing against it…we all need it and staying active is one of the fundamental needs of humans no matter what their age. If you don’t like the gym environment and jogging’s not your thing, then why not try cycling? Cycling is a wonderful way to get active and because you’re seated, there is less stress on your joints…so no matter what your age, it’s an easily achievable route into improving your health.

Getting some exercise improves your blood flow and releases much needed endorphins to your brain…the kind that make you feel good. We all know how much the way we feel affects the way we look; when you feel good you look good. Don’t minimise the effects that getting some exercise can have on your looks because once you get going you’ll see the truth of it!

The beautiful thing about these three tricks to stop ageing is that they’re all readily available and don’t cost the earth…go on, start small and up your water intake and then move on to the other tips. You’ll see a big difference in as little as two weeks![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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