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Achieve That Flat Belly You Have Always Wanted With These Simple Tips

A flat belly is the one thing which most of us crave and even if you’re not generally overweight it can still be the cause of a let down in your general shape. A flat belly is what makes your clothes look great…it’s the thing that will allow you to wear your swimsuit with confidence and wear jeans in comfort.

Flt bellies aren’t necessarily only for gym bunnies either…whilst exercise does of course help, there are other and simpler ways to assist your tummy to washboard-like status!

Follow these top tips for a flat belly and watch the changes as they happen!

  • Cut back on sugar: Sugar is responsible for more than bad teeth. If consumed in quantities that affect your digestion if can cause bloating as well as weight gain. Swap your spoons of sugar in that morning coffee for honey…and stop drinking fizzy drinks!
  • Chew your food: Sounds simple right? Well the amount of people who cause bloating just by eating too fast is surprisingly high. Take notice of how fast you’re eating and slow down! Chew each mouthful properly and don’t chat whilst you eat.##CATEGORY-BANNER##
  • Slow down on the salt: Yes…salt is another culprit for bloating! Watch how much you’re consuming that you’re not even aware of. Sauces such as soy and ketchup contain an awful lot of sodium. Try flavouring things with a little cayenne pepper or with fresh herbs such as basil and cilantro.
  • Stand up straight: Mind your posture! Not only does slumping accentuate a big belly but it also weakens the muscles that you need to be in tip-top condition. Pull in your stomach, sit or stand up straight and be aware of your back at all times….watch out for that slump!
  • Drink more water: Yes, yes we know this is such a common piece of advice but when it comes to getting a flat belly, flushing out those toxins and helping your digestion to work well is all-important. Drinking around 8 glasses of water per day will help you on the road to a flat tummy.
  • Work your muscles as you walk: Whenever you’re walking or cycling, pull in those tummy muscles….keep them moving and strengthen them as you go about your daily business.
  • Try yoga: If you’re not really interested in sit-ups or crunches, why not try a yoga class? Yoga is brilliant for toning and tightening the core muscles and it’s also very relaxing.

With just a few minor lifestyle and habit changes you could see a huge improvement in the look and the feel of your abdomen; bloating and wobbliness is never comfortable so take control of your tummy today and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards!



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