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Beauty Tips Men Should Steal From Women

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Guys, It’s Ok To Look After Your Skin

The bad old days of men who didn’t give a hoot about their beauty regime are thankfully over. Our laser hair removal for men is now more popular then ever!. Men are now free to enjoy their personal grooming as much as women can. Why should they? Because taking care of your skin and body will result in a healthier, happier you of course!

There are many beauty treatments and good habits which women indulge in which aren’t just for the instant results and they’re certainly not all to look “pretty” but many of them will stave off ageing and help keep skin in tip top shape, eliminating dryness or oiliness as required.

Beauty Tips Men Can Steal From Women

The top beauty tips which do men just as much good as they do women are here…and if you’d like to roll back the years and keep yourself in great condition then you should be indulging in as many as possible!

  • Cleansing your face every night:

This is a very important tip and you certainly don’t need to be wearing a full face of makeup to require a good, deep cleanse in the evening! Your face takes the brunt of the weather and of outside factors such as dirt and dust in the environment and over production of oil. Buy a good facial cleanser and get your face spotless before you snooze!

  • Group exercise:

Whilst many men belong to sporting teams, those who don’t may be missing out on the camaraderie and encouragement offered by joining in with a group. Yoga, Pilates and cycling are all very man-friendly activities and there’s far more fun to be had working out together!

  • Decent hair removal techniques:

No woman in her right mind would ever scrape a razor blade across her face or chest on a regular basis but men do it all the time! There’s simply no need! Laser hair removal techniques today are so far advanced that they work excellently on men’s tough hair. Many men are getting wise to this and having laser hair removal treatments done on their faces and bodies. It reduces the need for harsh shaving and makes your skin smoother!

  • Anti-ageing peels:

That’s right…skin peels remove a layer of the dermis in order to smooth and even out your skin. It’s a fantastic treatment for anyone who has suffered from acne or wants to keep fine lines at bay. The best thing about it is that it’s not painful or particularly costly! Get with the picture and join women in their peeling habits!

  • Eating well:

It would be patronising to say that women eat a better diet than men generally do but the fact is that there is some truth to the statement. Men are more likely to eat junk food without a second thought and perhaps because women put weight on more easily, they are far more aware of what they’re putting in their mouths in general. Watch what you eat because it will reflect in your looks!

Things are changing for men as they realise that taking care of themselves doesn’t mean they’re not “manly”. Far from it in fact! A man who is in touch with his body is far more attractive than one who neglects himself. Take care of your face and your body with equal attention to detail and you will soon be reaping the benefits.

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If you live in London and need advice about what to do and what treatments will work for you get in touch. From laser hair removal for your back or chest hair, to facial treatments to deeply cleanse your skin making it special occasion ready we can help. book a free consultation with an expert adviser today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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