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Celebs Have Laser Hair Removal – But Is It For Me?

If you want to be rid of your time consuming hair removal routine, you may be considering Laser hair removal. You may have seen many celebrities in the media talking about the laser hair removal treatment. With Laser hair removal, you can attend several sessions over a course of months to achieve smoother, silkier looking skin which stays hair free for far longer than traditional methods.

Laser hair removal is totally safe and not unobtainable – even though you think it is because the celebrities are all having it.

Generally, you don’t have to be famous to have laser hair removal! You would be a good candidate for Laser hair removal if you have dark hair and light skin. Don’t go into your consultation with a tan! This is because the laser could end up burning the skin because it thinks it is hair.

To be a good candidate you should not be on a beta-carotene diet. This means you would eat a lot of vitamin A, squash, carrots and some other vegetables but because the beta-carotene stays in the body for a few months, it creates a yellowy orange look to the skin which is not ideal for Laser hair removal.

The laser works by differentiating between hair and skin, light and dark, and eliminating dark pigments. Dark hair and light skin is always the best combination but other skin and hair types can be treated too.

You need to book a consultation to find out whether you would be able to see the Laser hair removal benefits . You don’t have to go to the celebrities hang out to have your laser hair removal either. Most clinics can recommend or even conduct the laser hair removal themselves. There will be a clinic near you, but there are loads in London, Manchester, Glasgow, and other large cities.

Treatment time is very quick so you can even have the laser hair removal treatment done in your lunch hour;

–        It take less than a minute to have the upper lip treated

–        For the underarms Laser hair removal will take 1-2 minutes long

–        The bikini line will take 8-10 minutes long.

–        It will take a little longer for the legs or back to be done – approximately 1½-3 hours

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