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The hidden costs of cheap laser hair removal

The hidden costs of cheap laser hair removal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We all love a bargain.

Nobody likes being ripped off.

There are some things in life where choosing to buy based just on the price is not a great idea – laser hair removal is one of those things.

Read the below article and find out exactly why…

  • It could stop you wasting money on so called ‘cheap’ laser hair removal treatment.
  • It could also save you from putting your health at risk.

Discovering low cost laser hair removal near you…what’s the catch ?

You may have been shopping around for cheap laser hair removal. You stumble upon a local clinic near you offering low cost laser hair removal at a price which seems to good to be true.

You’re tempted.

It seems affordable. and is the cheapest price around ………..for miles.

Plus, it is local company, near you, easy to get to, convenient and….

…..REALLY cheap!.

…..Before you do, you hear a voice in your head telling you to be careful so, like most people, you think about checking a couple of reviews to see what other people have said.

After reading the reviews, all seems ok so you decide to go ahead.

Fast forward 6 months….

…..will it have been a great decision?

……a real bargain?

…..and you are feeling on top of the world?

……or are you now tangled up with a legal case and looking for another clinic to end the six month nightmare you have just been through?.

laser hair removal

Looking beyond the price of cheap laser hair removal

If you are looking for a dentist, surgeon, chiropractor or perhaps someone you loves needs urgent medical attention, you probably are not looking for the cheapest person or are prepared to haggle over the price and get a big discount?.

You would want to know about….

….the experience of the person, dentist or doctor

….their expertise or speciality

….and be impressed by the facilities

before you then consider the price before making a decision. And not make a choice based on the price.

On the other hand for certain purchases you would go for the cheapest.

Price comparison and hours of online research are not worth the effort if you are buying paper, elastic bands for your office – or kitchen towel for your home!.

laser hair removal

The essential questions you need to ask when you come across cheap laser hair removal prices in London.

In the beauty and aesthetics industry if you are promised:

  • an amazing experience
  • world class service
  • highly trained practitioners
  • the latest, advanced, state of the art technology
  • conveniently placed locations
  • convenient opening and closing times

…..this will come at a cost.

If you flip the question around and instead of asking

‘why are you so expensive?


‘why are you so cheap?’

you will be surprised to find out what you discover.

Be warned though you may not like the answers.

Answers that could put your health at risk and make you end up spending more.

laser hair removal cheap

why is Laser hair removal so expensive ?

There are a number of reasons.

If you are looking for the most effective treatment on the market today then you would need to find a clinic using the latest technology.

The technology used makes an enormous difference.

In the laser hair removal industry the premium brands used by best clinics are either Candela or Cynosure.

These American companies have been at the forefront of medical technology for many years and are considered the Rolls Royce of Laser Hair.

They also have a Rolls Royce price tag to go with it!.

This is one reason that treatments may be cheaper elsewhere.  It may be because you will be treated by less powerful unbranded machines.

Laser hair machines can be purchased from the far east, over the internet, for a fraction of the cost the leading brands and, although they may look the same, the difference couldn’t be greater.

Not only will these machines be less powerful, which will make your treatment less effective, they may not be regulated or  FDA approved 

  • To receive FDA approval a laser hair removal machine must :

‘demonstrate with sufficient, valid scientific evidence that there is a reasonable assurance that the devices are safe and effective for their intended uses’.

The FDA is responsible for protecting public health in the USA by regulating amongst other things medical devices.

If your machine is not FDA approved then you are taking a risk with unproven and untested technology.  Not something most people would want.

laser hair removal price comparison

 Sessions Required Session Cost  Total  Difference 

 ‘Expensive’ Clinic

8   100 800
 Cheaper Clinic 12 60



The comparison table above shows just how much more you could end up paying for laser hair removal by using inferior machines as more sessions will be needed for the same results

  • For example If you pay:

 £100 per session for 8 sessions or £800 in total

….compared to having your treatment performed in a clinic with a less powerful unbranded machine

….where you may pay £60 per session but need 12 sessions

….So you end up paying £840

….and on top of that you have the inconvenience of travelling, arranging and going through an extra 4 sessions to get the same results.

laser hair removal

Experienced practitioner?

Of course you can always ask. You may not get the most reliable answer.  The type of the machine plus the experience of the practitioner will mainly determine how successful your laser hair removal will be.

A great machine but inexperienced practitioner will not lead to the best results and neither will an inferior machine with a greatly experienced practitioner. So the two go hand in hand for best results.

Beware if you find a clinic offering cheap laser hair removal with a cheaper machine that has been purchased to generate extra revenue for the clinic (this is mainly smaller independent clinics that may also do nails and hair).

As laser hair removal is not the main business, the practitioner may not be treating clients very often so they will lack the experience and possibly training.

This can make a big difference to result.

An experienced laser hair practitioner would have treated clients of all ages, ethnicities and genders so there is less risk of burning you.

They would know how to adjust and adapt your treatment for every session so you get the best results. An inexperienced, poorly trained practitioner won’t.

laser specialists?

So it is a worth bearing in mind if you decide to go ahead to check if laser hair is the main business or just a small part bought in to generate additional revenue for the clinic.

As well as the two main concerns above there are also other considerations such as

  • Do you know if their staff are receiving regular training ?
  • Is the clinic fully insured to perform the treatments?
  • Is it registered to any professional body?.

Small independent clinics have been known to shut down and reopen under a different name if a legal case is bought against them.

This will not happen with larger reputable clinics chains

.harley street clinic


You may have read horror stories in the press about how someone sued a clinic due to negligence, (usually because of the reasons above – poor machines, experience, technology and qualifications/training of staff ) and it is usually always smaller independent clinics who vanish overnight then reopen under different name.

Secret ways clinics make treatments cheaper they don’t want you to know

Other ways that a clinic may cut costs without you knowing is during the treatment.

Questions to ask and find out are:

  • Is a sterile dressing pack being used for each patient if your treatment requires them?.


  • Are they using medical quality antimicrobial cleanser or baby wipes purchased from the local wholesale discount warehouse?.


  • Are premium products that are scientifically proven to work being used or again non branded cheap wholesale products?.


  • Another important issue to consider is do you know if the clinic is up to date with the latest basic life support, anaphylaxis and complications training in case something does go wrong during treatment.


  • Epi-pens have a shelf life of around 6 months. Does the clinic you want to go to have one and if so is it up to date and not 2 years old?.


  • Are their staff attending regular training?.


All this can easily be overlooked when you are just comparing by price.

By cutting corners some clinics prices can be reduced but the quality of service you receive is lowered and the risk increased.

If you do decide to go ahead and book a consultation bring up some of the issues raised above so you know exactly what you are receiving.

If the business is unsure or just simply don’t know then you would be wise make your excuses, leave and to find an alternative clinic.

Looking beyond the price and going for best value

We hope you now realise pricing does not tell the whole story. Doing a straight price comparison between clinics can be very misleading.

We also hope this information will help you make:

  • a better decision,
  • preparing and arming you with knowledge
  • asking the right questions whichever clinic you go to.

Feel free to use the information as a checklist for any consultation that you book into.

After all it is your hard earned money that you will be handing over.

If you do see a higher price when you are shopping around it could simply mean the company has invested in the above.

This means you are more likely to get the best, most effective and safest treatment possible – and are not just out to rip you off.

laser hair removal

Cheap and safe and quality?

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost 99% of the body treating sensitive and private areas, so for your own peace of mind it is worth taking the time to find the right clinic that you can trust that will look after you before, during and after your treatment.

If a company has invested in making your customer experience truly exceptional then this investment comes at a cost.

The cost is an investment in:

  • your health,
  • your safety
  •  your well being

making sure you are cared for with the best laser hair removal results in the fastest time.

High pressure sales tactics

We also haven’t touched on the clinics that advertise a really low price to get you to book a consultation then use high pressure selling tactics to get you purchase more.

This practice is still happening today and a quick search on Google will reveal companies offering cheap laser hair removal from £9.

This is a topic in itself and we will leave it for another day – but like the advice given above already if its too good to be true then it probably is.

Profits before care and clients?

Some businesses will always look at profits first and the customer second.

Try and avoid these companies.  

You really want to find a clinic that puts the customer first and profits second.

Next time you have a quote from a clinic and the price is to good to be true, look at your checklist and start asking questions.

We hope this will help you along your journey and has warned you against the cost of cheap laser hair removal.

Next steps if you live in london

If you live in London and are looking for laser hair removal then why not book a free consultation at one of our 9 London clinics.

We price match so can guarantee you one of the best prices in London. Maybe not the cheapest as our price match is matched against clinics using the same top of the range technology. But a fair price for a great service

If you have any comments or feedback or want to share your experiences with us then please contact us we would love to hear from you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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