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10 Facts You Need To Know Before Booking Laser Hair Removal

10 Facts You Need To Know Before Booking Laser Hair Removal If you are thinking about laser hair removal for the first time and are worried because of all the things you’ve heard about it, read through the ten facts below which will help answer your most common laser hair removal questions and queries.  …

laser hair removal in kent

10 Facts You Need To Know Before Booking Laser Hair Removal

If you are thinking about laser hair removal for the first time and are worried because of all the things you’ve heard about it, read through the ten facts below which will help answer your most common laser hair removal questions and queries.


  1. Is it painful?

Laser hair removal works by sending light through the pigment in the hair, which creates a sharp but slightly small painful sensation that is caused when the hair follicle and hair bulb are damaged.

The laser can cause discomfort on areas with thinner skin such as the nose, chin, and temples. If you had to compare the pain – it would be less painful then giving birth!, less painful then having a tattoo! – it can be compared to being flicked with an elastic band – so there is really nothing to worry about!.


  1. Patience

It is worth knowing that the results of laser hair removal do take a few weeks to become apparent. It’s not an overnight solution but the results are long lasting and definitely worth it. After your first treatment, you will be looking at two to three weeks to see a notable difference, whilst it will take around 8-12 sessions to ensure you see the very best results.

This is because the laser can only destroy hair in the growth phase or anagen phase.  So in your first session only hairs in the anagen phase would have been destroyed.  To destroy all the hairs you will need to go back so you can catch the remaining hairs in the growth phase. Hair grows in 3 stages which are anagen, catagen, and telogen and this is the reason why multiple sessions are needed.


  1. The process is quick with little downtime

The average appointment takes less than 30 minutes which can include the preamble about what is ahead as well as personal preparation such as the removal of makeup. (Unless you are having a full body session; that could take just over an hour.)  If you are having a single area like half arm or upper lip then sessions can last anywhere from 15 -45 minutes.


  1. 24 hours after the treatment

The laser emissions used during the treatment stay within your skin for a full 24 hours afterward and therefore, in order to avoid bacteria multiplying and creating acne, you will want to avoid anything that would increase your core body temperature, such as going to the gym, saunas or hot baths. So take full advantage, skip the gym or yoga for the day, and put your feet up!.


  1. Avoid sunlight

Whilst having the treatment, you practitioner will advise you about the best to protect your sensitive skin. However, you may want to avoid exposure to the sun and sunbathing in general. Moreover, if you have recently been on holiday or developed a tan, you will need to wait for this to fade before beginning treatment.


  1. Some treatments may cause hair to develop elsewhere

Unfortunately one of the side effects of laser hair removal is other types of hair growing longer. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern as the practitioner will be able to advise you if your hair isn’t suitable for the treatment or if there could be possible side effects.


  1. You may need to alter your beauty regime

Certain beauty products have chemicals that could cause complications during the treatment process and therefore scrubs, retinol creams and glycolic acid should be avoided for two days before and after treatment.  If you are unsure bring your cream in or take a picture on your phone so you can show it to the practitioner.

Similarly, you should refrain from any chemical peels for around two weeks before and after the laser process and wait 1-2 weeks after until you apply a fake tan.  This will ensure that you get the best results.


  1. Don’t wax or dye your hair

Also during the process, you may feel more comfortable being hairless and therefore we would recommend shaving rather than plucking, waxing or bleaching any hair. Plucking and waxing can damage the skin and cause complications with the potential success of laser hair removal treatment.


  1. Does laser hair removal treatment works on all skin tones?

This is true, the treatment only requires the hair to be dark enough to draw the laser and there are NDYAG lasers that are safer for those with darker skin. For best results ensure your clinic are using the best machines on the market.

You do not want to take any risks when it comes to you health. The leading machines on the market are either Candela or Cynosure.  They are the Rolls Royce of laser hair removal world and cost about the same as a Rolls Royce!. If you see cheaper prices and are tempted, then just be sure to ask the clinic what machines they use. Laser machines can be bought online or from the far east for a few thousand pounds. You really don’t want to be treated by them as they are not as powerful and will take longer so you end up paying more and, most importantly, can potentially put you at risk.


  1. Will I need to go back for top ups?

For the majority (around 90%) of people, they see a permanent drop in the growth of hair on their targeted area however fluctuations in an individual’s hormones can sometimes cause further hair growth which might require additional visits.

You should discuss this with your practitioner during your initial meeting.  Most people are happy when they discover the laser and have thrown away the razor!. There really is no looking back. Many are happy with the results, the time and money saved, and not having to wax or shave any more!.

We hope we have cleared up some of your questions or queries surrounding laser hair removal.  Lots of us rely on the internet, social media or friends and family to find out about things these days and sometimes that can lead to more uncertainty.

If you still have questions about laser hair removal the best thing to do would be to book into a free consultation.  You will be able to discuss your concerns and goals with an experienced practitioner who would have treated many people with a similar background, skin tone, hair type and history to yours. They can also perform a patch test on your skin to check your suitability.



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