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Winter, The Perfect Time for Laser Hair Removal

Although it is typically during the summer months that people start to think about laser hair removal, the ideal time for it is probably during the colder, winter months.

Thinking ahead like this can be a great way to ensure perfect, smooth and hair free skin is in place at the time when it’s most important. Wintertime can be a great excuse for hiding away those hairy legs, or for keeping your armpits under wraps but if you plan ahead and book in your laser hair removal sessions during the cold snap, then you could be beach ready right when it counts most!

Staying out of the sun during treatment

It is recommended that during and immediately after a session of laser treatment, patients should stay completely away from harsh sunlight. This is because strong sunlight can increase the risk of hyper-pigmentation on treated areas…this is a really good reason to get treatment during the winter. Not only is the sun less in evidence but you’re much more likely to be wearing clothing which will protect your skin.

Repeat sessions work best during the winter months

Getting your treatments out of the way in the winter is also sensible due to the fact that you will require more than one session of laser hair removal to get a really good result and these sessions will need to be well spaced out to ensure that they are successful.

Hair grows in phases…which is why your sessions should be spaced out so that all the hairs can be zapped during their growth phase…the winter offers you the luxury of this without the risk of having to show off your unshaven legs in the pool between sessions!

Laser hair removal is an investment in a hair-free future…plan it well and it won’t disrupt your life at all and it would certainly seem that winter is the most sensible time to undergo your sessions no matter what part of your body is being treated!

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