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Simple Ten Minute Home Exercises To Lose Weight


Exercise In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Finding the time to indulge in regular exercise might seem impossible when you take into account travelling time to and from the gym or even the budget necessary to indulge in such a luxurious pastime! However, there are in fact many exercises which can be done at home and with no outlay at all…not to mention in very short spaces of time.

No Special Equipment Needed

You don’t need any special equipment to undertake a regular exercise routine; you only need an empty room, ten minutes free time and some enthusiasm!  Simple at-home exercises can be as beneficial as any undertaken in a gym environment and have the added benefit of being completely free!

Tone Up & Lose Weight!

Exercising on a regular basis will not only tone your muscles and help you to lose weight but will improve your sleeping habits and skin tone as well as boost your metabolism…meaning that when you do eat, you’ll burn it off more efficiently.

Some simple ten minute exercises which can be done at home include the following’

  • Using a skipping rope to burn calories and get your heart rate up
  • Simple stretches to loosen muscles and help you to relax
  • Running up and down stairs or stepping up and down on step to tone the lower half of your body and get your heart pumping
  • Sit ups and crunches

Make it easy by sticking to a routine

Look at your daily routine in order to work out the best time to include an exercise slot in your day. If you tend to wake up a little on the grumpy side or if your mornings are always rushed, then the evening will be the best time to instigate some regular exercise.

Make an appointment with yourself and don’t let anything get in the way! Choose a time and stick to it; go into a quiet room, put on some music if you need encouragement; clear the floor of any debris or mess and get down to it!

If you miss an evening, don’t let that put you off! Go back to your routine the following day and you’ll soon get so accustomed to your home exercise schedule that you might even begin to look forward to it![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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