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Dry Brush Your Cellulite Away

Cellulite, the lumpy and bumpy condition which causes so much misery to so many women is caused by the presence of fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. It usually appears after puberty and there are varying degrees of severity in the condition.

A simple case of mild cellulite will only show when pressure is applied to the affected area whilst a more severe case is marked out by the constant appearance of dimpled skin often likened to orange peel.

Dry Brush Your Cellulite

The good news is that there is a simple method of reducing cellulite and improving the appearance of your skin and it’s practically free! The practice of dry brushing was known to be popular in ancient Greece and in Japan and consists of using a soft bristled brush to massage and rub the skin.

This encourages the break up of fat cells and the flow of blood to the areas affected as well as “waking up” the lymphatic system…and a sluggish lymphatic system is part of the cause as far as cellulite is concerned. It sounds quite barbaric but once you get accustomed to the sensation it’s actually very pleasant.

Get The Right Brush!

Don’t just choose any old brush for your dry brushing regime. It’s important to use natural fibres and also to make sure that the brush is not too hard as this will cause pain and not to soft…as a soft brush won’t do the job properly!

Look for a natural fibred brush of a medium texture; jute, hemp, sisal and loofah are all popular materials for dry brushing.

How To Begin

Begin your routine after a shower or bath when you are relaxed. Make sure you’re dry and warm before starting. Locate your lymph ducts in your groin and collarbone area and gently massage them to get them opened up. Next begin to dry brush the soles of your feet in small circular strokes…you’re going to work all the way up your body.

It might feel ticklish at first but you will grow used to the sensation. Move up your feet and ankles in a firm upwards motion stroking the skin with the brush as you go…don’t be too gentle though!

Move fast and cover the legs, hips, stomach and breast areas. Now move to your hands…on your palms repeat the small circular motions and then swap to the firm upwards movement when you move to wrists and arms. Now it’s time to move to your neck; in a downward motion stroke the neck, chest, back and shoulder areas…work towards the heart.

Avoid using any exfoliation products in the shower or bath once you begin a dry brushing routine as it can irritate the skin…too much of a good thing can make you sensitive.

The dry brushing technique will not only help your cellulite but will also remove dead skin cells and make your body appear firmer and softer all over. Ensure that your brush is cleaned with soap and warm water once a week and wait for the improvements in your skin!


If you have been suffering from cellulite and are finding it hard to remove there are some cellulite removal treatments available to you including TriActive which is a non-invasive treatment that can reduce the appearance of cellulite dramatically. For more information pop into one of our clinics and speak to one of our skin experts.

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