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Find Out Which New Acne Treatment Could Rid Spots For Good!

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Say Goodbye To Those Horror Moments

The thing about spots are that they literally appear at the most inconvenient times.  We have all experienced the horror of waking up one morning and looking in the mirror only to see what can only be described as the biggest, red monstrosity taking refuge on the side of our face. Ewww!! Why today you think to yourself? Any day but today. You can guarantee it, if you have the most mundane and boring week ahead of you your skin will look fabulous but on the other hand if you have a date, wedding or just a night out on the town with your photo happy friends a spot or two are sure to crash the party.

Well thanks to Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Teenagers and well every acne sufferer in general might never have to worry about getting spots ever again.

Selective Photothermolysis Treatment

A new technique utilises low-frequency ultrasound and lasers to rid an acne sufferer of their acne.

The treatment, named selective photothermolysis, is composed of two main parts. First using the low-frequency ultrasound gold-coated silica particles are pushed into through the follicles in in the skin in to the sebaceous gland. Next a laser is used to heat up the embedded particles causing them to heat up and effectively turn off the gland.

“If you deactivate these overproducing glands, you’re basically treating the root cause of the acne,” said researcher leader Samir Mitragotri, professor of chemical engineering at UCSB.

Added Benefits Of The Treatment

Due to the particles being delivered through the skin via ultrasound there is no irritation or dry skin caused which could aggravate the problem. Also in addition unlike with antibiotics that are commonly prescribed to deal with bad causes of acne this treatment possesses no risk of resistance or side effects.

Take Action Against Your Acne Today

Although the above sounds very promising the treatment is still in very early stages and it could be a while before it is available for use.

However there are some very effective, professional acne treatments which can offer dramatic improvements made to acne affected areas. One such treatment is the anti acne peel which is a very popular acne treatment as immediate results can be seen and you do not have to worry about painful procedures as with other acne treatments available.

This treatment is suitable for both mild and severe causes of acne, for more information please get in touch with your nearest clinic.

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