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Get The Kate Middleton Look – Beauty Secrets To Looking Like A Princess

Kate Middleton has been all over the press the last few years with her perfect complexion and wavy locks. She has stunned the world with her style and look, much like the late Diana Princess of Wales did. Since she married Prince William, it seems we just can’t get enough of her! And with it being Kate’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Kate), we thought we would dedicate this piece to helping readers in achieving her style.

And don’t despair – it isn’t just royalty who can afford to look great, even really close up! These ideas are cost effective and a great investment in your skin.

If you would like to get Kate Middleton’s style, these skin treatments might help you achieve the look of her flawless skin. This includes:

1. A good skin care regime. First and foremost, we bet that Kate has a strict regime for keeping her skin looking great. A trusted cleanser, toner and moisturiser is essential, so make sure you invest in one!

2. Hydrating microdermabrasion. This exfoliation treatment is carried out with a unique serum to stimulate deep into the skin. This serum includes lots of good stuff, like essential vitamins and anti-oxidants. The treatment also encourages new cell growth, as well as a hydration. If you have any skin abnormalities, this treatment may also help. What’s great about this treatment is that it isn’t invasive and you can feel it working – the results speak for themselves.

3. Dermaroller. The Dermaroller helps combat ageing problems like wrinkles or age spots. The treatment has been developed to stimulate the collagen in the skin (which provides the skin with elasticity). The Dermaroller itself has about 192 surgical steel micro-needles in it.

Don’t worry, it isn’t as painful as it sounds! The needles allow the pores, which lay on the top layer of the skin, to be opened and then closed again an hour later. The skin treats this as damage (even though it doesn’t actually damage the skin) which means the skin is naturally encouraged to produce collagen to result in healthier looking skin. This treatment is beneficial as the skin does the work for you, and after a session you can immediately see a glow to your skin which wasn’t there before.

4. Skin peels. Skin peels have become really popular and offer many advantages. They can help with wrinkles, sun damaged skin, troublesome skin and acne, rosacea and stressed skin. Many celebrities have been known to choose skin peels. Skin peels are 100% natural, with no nasty chemicals, and can be customised to your unique needs and skin conditions. Your skin will end up looking fresher and more youthful after a skin peel.

So, if you are thinking you want to look a little more like Kate in 2014, why not choose one or more of the treatments to give yourself the skin glow you always wanted!

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