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Kate Moss Turned 40 This Month: But How Does She Still Look So Youthful?

Kate Moss is an icon of our time, having modeled for decades in the fashion industry and achieving her own sense of unique style. She is always spotted out with the hottest celebrities and designer clothing, and when she got married last year, the tabloids went crazy for the photographs. Her look is more than what she is wearing, though. Her skin and hairstyle help to create an iconic look which many of us would love to recreate.

You might think that her flawless skin is down to her connections with the experts in the industry and of course, her ability to stump up thousands to pay for the very best anti-aging treatments. However, many of the treatments that Kate might invest in can be obtained on a more achievable budget.

For example:

1. Hydrating Microdermabrasion. This is a big name in the skin industry at the moment as it works as a fantastic exfoliation treatment. Many people say they can literally feel their skin working and repairing during the treatment available at reputable salons. It is carried out with a serum that is packed full of vitamins, to help stimulate the skin and encourage new cell growth. If you have dry skin, this is also great for hydration. What’s more, it is an achievable price and can really show results fast.

2. DermaPen:/ Microneedling is ideal for people in their 30s who are just starting to see the effects of aging on their face, especially around their eyes and mouth in the form of lines and wrinkles. If you are older, you can still benefit from this great treatment and reduce the impact and look of aging on your skin. The treatment stimulates the collagen in the skin. It works by opening up the pores and closing them an hour later. This forces the skin to naturally repair itself and produce collagen. The result? Healthier looking skin with a youthful glow. It may sound invasive but it really isn’t and it isn’t painful either, it just provides you with a natural way of reminding your skin you want to stay looking young!

3. Moisturisers. There are many moisturisers on the market and finding a good one that works for you skin is vital. We bet Kate Moss has a great moisturiser! Unlike what some experts claim, a cheaper moisturiser isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it probably does just as good a job as more expensive brands on the market. You need a decent moisturiser to keep skin hydrated, which is important especially if you live inner city where pollution and the environment can make skin dry and painful. If you have spots, you may think you don’t need a moisturiser, however, it is important to keep hydrating the skin otherwise it can lead to even worse acne (skin will produce sebum if it is dry that can clog pores and cause more breakouts.)

Are you a similar age to Kate Moss? Don’t despair if your skin is looking its age –there are many tricks to staying looking young without the price tag!

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