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Laser Hair Removal For Transgenders

We’ve come a long way as a society in accepting the differences between people and the acceptance of transgenders has been an enormous battle for those men who like to cross dress as part of their lifestyle. No longer seen as a dodgy or unpalatable practice, transvestism is now an almost “normal” thing and rather than staring open-mouthed at open transgenders, society in general understands where it has its beginning and that it’s not a perversion or an oddity…just a difference.

Conchita Wurst

Stars like Conchita Wurst have done a lot to contribute to the new acceptance of transvestism and her habit of keeping a full beard in conjunction with full makeup and glamorous clothing has once again challenged our perception of what it means to be a transgender. In wearing her facial hair, Conchita celebrates her masculinity at the same time as she celebrates her femininity…she has called her beard a “Symbol of tolerance” which is both brave and challenging of her and she is to be applauded for her strength of mind. But it should be remembered that this look isn’t for everyone and there are many men who just don’t feel pretty when their facial hair is present.

Shaving Is Not The Answer

This is an issue for many transgenders as shaving is not the best method of hair removal if you are also regularly wearing full make up including foundation. The coarse hair, as it grows back interferes with the correct application of makeup…making it appear rough and messy. A smooth base is very important for good foundation application as it allows the makeup to glide on and stay put.

This is why many transgenders are looking to laser hair removal for their faces. Laser hair removal permanently removes the hair by destroying the follicle. This is great news for any man who likes to wear makeup and for those who don’t! Shaving on a daily basis is hard work…it’s tough on your skin and it’s a bother when sometimes all you want to do is wake up, wash and apply makeup!

Speak To A Specialist

Booking in for a consultation is the first step in laser hair removal for transgenders just as it is for anyone else. You can discuss with your practitioner the areas which you would like to be hair-free and discuss any worries or concerns which you may have. You will be asked some basic questions about your health and your skin and then you will be informed as to the procedures and how they work.

Usually it takes more than one or two sessions to achieve a complete removal of hair and subsequent growth so you should bear this in mind. You won’t need time off work after your treatment but may be advised to avoid strong sunlight and to apply a special lotion to assist in the healing process. Some redness is expected so don’t book a session before a special event!

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

It’s everyone’s right to feel confident in their own skin and to feel attractive. Laser hair removal can go a long way towards improving not only your appearance but also your confidence. Check out the basics and book a consultation if you’re interested in laser hair removal for your face…you won’t regret it!


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