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Overnight Ageing…Sleep on Your Back to Avoid Wrinkles

Overnight Ageing…Sleep on Your Back to Avoid Wrinkles

Creased Skin In The Morning?

Have you ever woken up with creases all over your face? Many women over a certain age know that look on too well…and it’s not pretty! A face like a prune first thing in the morning does nothing to help avoid the ageing process and believe it or not the simple action of sleeping on your back instead of on your side or your front can keep your skin younger looking and smoother for longer.

Think about it, if you screw up a piece of linen and leave it in a laundry basket for a prolonged period of time, those wrinkles are tough to iron out…but if you store it flat and keep it that way then it’s smooth and crisp for longer. Your face is the same and you can improve your appearance simply by making a few changes to your sleeping habits.

The average person sleeps for between 7 and 8 hours per night…if your face is taking the bulk of the weight for that period of time whilst you lie down, then it’s going to suffer. We’ve all seen wrinkled skin and apart from the usual suspects, some of the effects we see are due to side sleeping.

Sleeping On Your Back


The way we sleep is a highly personal thing though…how easy or difficult is it to just change overnight? Many people have very specific routines at bedtime including their comfiest position…curled up on their side like a foetus or perhaps on their front…to suddenly begin sleeping flat might seem odd or uncomfortable…after all bedtime is the time when we most want what is familiar to us and changing your sleeping position deliberately may feel strange at first.

Ways To Make The Transition Easier

There are ways to make the transition easier though including practising lying flat on your back! That’s right…if you can take to lie down for ten minutes at a time every day and make sure you’re flat on your back then you will grow more used to the sensation. It’s a great position for anyone with a bad back too as your skeleton and muscles can realign more easily.

Do ensure your mattress is up to scratch though and if you can, consider investing in a memory foam pillow; they’re wonderfully comfortable and once you adjust you will wonder how you ever managed without one! Another useful tip to make sleeping on your back more comfortable is to place a pillow under your knees; this gives the feeling of extra support and makes the position more manageable; some people like the feeling of a pillow under their feet better and you might have to try a few different combinations before you find your perfect position.

See Changes Within A Week!!

Give back sleeping a try and check the results in the mirror the next day; most people see a real difference within a week and if you make the change to coincide with a water drinking offensive then you will see a huge improvement. Proper hydration, a good sleeping position and sun protection can stave off those wrinkles longer than any “wonder-cream” can!


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