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Prep your Skin for Winter

With the winter season falling upon us, it’s time to get a game plan in place for what you will do to ensure top care of your skin. Many people don’t even think about changing their skin care regime as the winter rolls around but if you hope to maintain your skin’s appearance, it’s a must that you consider making some adjustments.

The harsh winter climate is going to present a number of additional challenges or your skin so if you aren’t taking those into account, don’t be surprised when your complexion looks less than radiant.

Let’s have a brief look at what you need to know.

Keep Applying SPF

The very first thing that you must keep doing is making sure to continually apply your SPF cream. Even though the weather isn’t hot doesn’t mean you won’t be exposed to UV radiation, so you still need to be taking that into account.

Lather up each morning before you go out and you can rest assured you’re protected.

Get A Good Moisturizer

Next, you should also look into getting a good moisturizer as well. You want a very intensive deep moisturizer that comes complete with vitamin E, which can help your skin retain moisture better as well.

During the drying winter months, you will notice your skin getting flakier and losing its lustre, so using the right moisturizer can help assure you retain as much moisture as possible.

Avoid Very Hot Water

Moving along, also be sure that you avoid the use of very hot water when cleansing your face each morning or taking a shower. Hot water is incredibly drying to the skin, so if you’re regularly turning up the temperature, you’ll be digging yourself deeper into the dehydrating and drying hole.

In addition to avoiding hot water, also be sure that you are drinking enough water as well. Remember that maintaining adequate hydration will also be imperative to keeping your skin looking and feeling its best.

Aim to drink at least 8, if not 10 glasses of water each day.

Consider A Trip To A Spa

Finally, you might also want to consider taking a trip to the spa or salon as well. These can provide a great way to help enhance your skin through a wide variety of different skin treatment methods.

Some of the top treatment methods to consider include sublative treatment, Laser pigmentation Removal, vascular vein removal, green peels, advance skin peels, and dermaroller.

All of these will help to improve the skin tone and completion, clearing away skin impurities and helping you get back to looking your best again.

So be sure that you give some consideration to what you’re doing for your skin this winter. If you aren’t taking the time to figure out a plan of action to combat the winter elements, you are going to be hit hard and doing damage control shortly. Take pro-active steps to improve the look and feel of your skin starting now and you won’t have to worry about this.

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