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Skin Care During Ramadan

skincare in ramadan

If you are fasting, you should take extra care during Ramadan for your skin health. 

Not having enough water, disturbed sleep, stress, and not consuming the necessary food groups due to lack of time can impact your body and skin.

We’ve put together a guide to help you and your skin this Ramadan.

You will find out: 

  • How to care for your skin during Ramadan.
  • How much water should you drink for healthy skin?
  • Importance of choosing the right skincare products.
  • Effects of enough sleep for skin health.
  • Why you should stay away from makeup during Ramadan. 


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This non-invasive and gentle treatment is effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, firming the skin, and providing instant, long-term results that are both visible and tangible. Additionally, it excels in extracting blackheads and whiteheads, clearing the skin of impurities that can accumulate, particularly throughout Ramadan. Experience the transformative effects of our HydraFacial for a smoother, more luminous complexion that not only looks refreshed but is deeply nourished and hydrated from within.

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Drinking Enough Water For Your Skin

Dehydration can cause dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and sagginess on your skin.

During Ramadan, while not drinking any water during the day, your daily water intake doesn’t change. And we all know how important staying hydrated is for your health.

Make sure you consume enough water from Iftar to Sohur.

How much water do you need though?

For a healthy adult, it is advised to consume 1.5 – 2 lt. of water each day.


You can calculate how much water you should drink a day with this simple method, as advised by the World Health Organization.

Water (in litres) to drink a day = Your Weight (in Kg) multiplied by 0.033.

So if you are :

A female weighs 55kg should drink 1.8 litres per day

55 x 0.0033 = 1.8

A male weighing 80kg should drink 2.64 litres per day

80 x 0.0033 = 2.64

Make sure to consume your calculated amount of water evenly over time between the sunset and sunrise. This way your body will benefit the most.

ramadan skincare

Use The Right Skincare Products

Staying hydrated is the first important step. Next, you need to take extra care to prevent damaging your skin cells.

Missing out on important vitamins and minerals while fasting may affect your skin’s self-defence and its ability to maintain a healthy pH and oil balance.

Choose your cleanser based on your skin type.

For oily skin: Use a cleansing gel.

For dry skin: Use a milk cleanser

Always get expert help to choose the correct skincare products suitable for your skin type and conditions. If you have any doubts about which products to use, our clinicians would be happy to offer you their expert help <click here>.


Choose A Rich Moisturiser 

Moisturising should already be a part of your daily skincare routine. However, while not drinking enough water during the day during Ramadan, make sure to give your skin that extra hydration boost by using a rich moisturiser. Choose a moisturiser packed with minerals.

The right moisturiser for your skin type will penetrate deeper into your skin, offering better results.  

  • Our Expert Recommendation: Derma Revive Hyaluronic Acid. It attracts and retains moisture in your skin and enhances skin firmness, softness and elasticity, preventing ageing and dehydration. It is also suitable for all skin types.

Don’t forget!

Even if you have oily skin, you still need to use moisturiser. However, you should always choose the right skin products, suitable for your skin type.

If you don’t know your skin type, follow our 7 simple steps to find out your skin type self-test <click here>.

Skin Care During Ramadan

Pay Extra Attention To The Eye Area

The skin around your eyes is much thinner, it is also more prone to damage.

Skin dehydration causes irritation, fine lines and wrinkles; and it is more visible in the eye area. Choose a suitable eye serum for extra care during Ramadan.

skincare ramadan

Don’t Forget To Use SPF

During Ramadan, with the lack of water during the day, you are more vulnerable to heat, and so is your skin.

While your skin cells get dehydrated, they are more prone to burns.

So make sure to use SPF at all times.

Choose sun protection which also provides moisturising. This way, you can hydrate your skin while protecting it from the sun’s dangerous rays.

For more information about how to use SPF.

skincare in ramadan

Have A Balanced Diet

Heavy eating at sunset and before sunrise and missing out on nutritious food groups due to the limited time on eating may have a negative effect on your skin.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is essential for your immune system. But it is also necessary for your skin health.

Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K are keystones for skin health. Also biotin, folic acid, iron, and Omega 3 are very important.

Make sure to create balanced meals with good protein and a rainbow of vegetables.

Also, try to stay away from sugar and sugary drinks, as they are one of the biggest enemies of your skin. If they are eaten before your fasting, they will make you feel hungrier sooner.

Yoghurt is very beneficial for your skin health and is a great probiotic. It is also rich in protein so it will keep you full.

As are eggs! Eggs are perfect for natural skin masks.

Read about our homemade skin masks recommended by our expert clinicians.

ramadan sleep

Get Enough Sleep

Having enough sleep has many health benefits. For your mind, focus, body, and, of course, your skin.

As your sleep gets disturbed when you wake up to eat before sunrise, try to arrange your sleeping pattern so it can help you with getting enough sleep without disruption.

A good night’s sleep is key to glowing skin.

makeup ramadan

Take A Break From Makeup

Applying heavy makeup blocks your skin pores.

This can lead to acne and other skin imperfections.

During Ramadan, if you are not consuming enough water during the day, it affects your skin’s natural balance. Your skin cannot fight naturally against makeup (which it sees as an outside threat). This may cause skin problems.

Try to go for your natural look, or apply a very thin layer of makeup if you need to.


We hope that our tips help your skin have a healthier Ramadan. For any skin-related questions, our experts are ready for free e-consultations. Contact us for more details.

We wish you a great month of peace and kindness.


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